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Fluffy Therapy Cat Spreads Joy Everywhere He Goes

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Thanks to a renewed emphasis on mental health, it’s not uncommon to see animals roaming the halls of hospitals, nursing homes, and care facilities. Healthcare professionals agree that our best furry friends can play an integral part in overall well-being. For the most part, dogs take the spotlight when it comes to therapy animals. Canines, however, aren’t the only four-legged family members that have a knack for health and wellness. Cats also have healing powers, and a fluffy therapy cat named Mr. London Meow is all the proof you need.

A Therapy Cat at Work

Every other weekend, Mr. London goes to work visiting hospitals and prescribing smiles. He’s always dressed in his best outfits, and he brings a special kind of healing to everyone he meets. Simply being near Mr. London is enough to make patients feel better and escape the stress and pain of their everyday lives.

Having the chance to sit with a soft cat in their laps brings people immeasurable joy and comfort. Studies show petting an animal can lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and alleviate feelings of depression and loneliness. Mr. London’s laid-back yet playful personality make him the ideal therapy cat for those in need.

Mr. London is one of 80 therapy animals registered with Pets as Therapy in the UK.

He also teams up with Barts Health NHS Trust when he visits the Royal London Hospital and other hospitals throughout London. As a therapy cat, Mr. London is comfortable with meeting new people and being held by strangers. He’s confident in public settings, and he’s never one to let a loud noise or unfamiliar experience ruffle his fluffy fur.

Every time he leaves the house, he makes new friends. Word spreads quickly when this therapy cat walks into a hospital, and he’s now a regular face among hospital staff. Everyone looks forward to his visits. Doctors and nurses see first-hand how his presence helps their patients, and patients have an opportunity to forget about illness and injury by cuddling with a cute cat.

When Mr. London is not doing good work at London hospitals, he’s often traveling. He’s been to seven different countries and goes with his humans just about everywhere. He recently took a trip to Paris, and he even has his own passport. Hardworking therapy cats need a break every now and then!

Mr. London’s humans say he has the purrfect personality for therapy work, and he thoroughly enjoys his job. He shares his life on social media, so make sure you check out Mr. London the therapy cat on Facebook and Twitter!


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