Exhausted Cat Needs Glucose Drip After Mating With 5 Females In One Night

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We at Cole & Marmalade are always advocates of spaying and neutering our feline friends. There are simply too many homeless cats and kittens in the world to risk having an unplanned litter. We think about the big picture in terms of overfilled shelters, and there are also the other consequences of not having a cat altered.

A handsome Russian Blue named Xiaopi, experienced some of that when a few irresponsible pet hotel staff let him loose during an unsupervised stay. Poor Xiaopi ended up on a glucose drip after he got “intimate” with a few of the female cats also staying the night.

Even exhausted and chastised, we doubt this studly cat regrets his decision—no matter how many unplanned litters he’s about to bring into the world.


The incident happened when Xiaopi’s owners, Mr. and Mrs. Zhao, went out of town and left their prized pet at a pet hotel in Guangdong Province in South China. They thought they were making the responsible choice in pet care, but the hotel they chose turned out to be anything but. 

Mr. Zhao said he made it clear to hotel staff that Xiaopi was not neutered. The couple had no interest in breeding their Russian Blue at that time, and they simply needed a safe place for their cat to stay. Many pet boarding facilities require cats to be neutered, and if they’re not, they’re kept separate from other four-legged guests.

The couple left on their trip assuming Xiaopi would be well cared for.

But that’s not what happened. Instead of keeping their sexually active cat contained, hotel staff allowed Xiaopi to freely roam the hotel at night. He was in a room with several other cats, and let’s just say that handsome Xiaopi was on the prowl.


The next day, Mr. Zhao checked the hotel’s CCTV footage. He was shocked at what he saw. The cat owner told Daily Mail,

Between around 10:40 pm and 5:00 am, my cat mated with five female cats. And those are only the ones I could see in the CCTV footage.”

It’s safe to say Xiaopi didn’t get much sleep that night. And by morning, the exhausted, yet fully satisfied, cat was in apparent distress. He needed a glucose drip to restore his energy and bring him back to health. 

With his cat recovering from his busy night, Mr. Zhou claimed the pet hotel blamed him for the incident.

They had a lot of angry cat owners that weren’t expecting to come home from their trips to learn their female cats had been impregnated. 


But eventually, the staff came around and apologized. They admitted to their mistake and offered to pay for Xiaopi’s fluid therapy. They also pledged to compensate any client that ended up with unplanned kittens. There’s no information on whether or not the female cats in question were spayed. Or even whether Xiaopi’s conquests actually resulted in any pregnancies. 

The good news is that Xiaopi has since recovered from his ordeal, and we expect he’s a very happy cat. Only time will tell if his escapades will bring about his offspring. But like always, don’t underestimate the importance of spaying and neutering! 


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