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  • kitty wheelchair

    ‘Turbo Joe’ Has A New Kitty Wheelchair, Now He Needs A New Family

    Every cat has its own story to tell, and a kitten named ‘Turbo Joe’ has a story about perseverance and second chances.The cute ginger tabby was found last fall after he was reportedly hit by a car. He was paralyzed from the waist down and forced to drag his back legs in order to move. […] More

  • Rescue Cat Finds A New Home Thanks To Adorable Crocheted Ears

    We’re constantly amazed at the resiliency of animals. There are stories of cats that are abused, abandoned, and neglected, and yet they never give up. Cats show a kind of strength and courage that inspires us to keep fighting and moving forward. One of those cats is a former stray named Lady. Look into her […] More