‘Turbo Joe’ Has A New Kitty Wheelchair, Now He Needs A New Family

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Every cat has its own story to tell, and a kitten named ‘Turbo Joe’ has a story about perseverance and second chances.The cute ginger tabby was found last fall after he was reportedly hit by a car. He was paralyzed from the waist down and forced to drag his back legs in order to move. His family couldn’t afford his medical care, and his quality of life was diminished. But thanks to a few new friends, this gorgeous cat isn’t slowing down. He has a new kitty wheelchair, and all he needs now is the right family.

Posted by Meow Village on Friday, October 18, 2019

When a good Samaritan found the paralyzed kitten dragging his back legs, it was clear he needed help. The kind person brought him to Meow Village in Aurora, Oregon, and dedicated rescuers immediately fell in love.

An Organization That Cares

Meow Village is a volunteer-based, non-profit organization that focuses on improving life for the area’s population of feral cats. They also work to find homes for the many kittens born into feral colonies. With no paid staff or physical shelter, the rescue operates solely on the generosity of donors, volunteers, and fosters. They’ve helped thousands of cats, and they didn’t hesitate to welcome Turbo Joe into their ever-expanding family.

FOSTER FAMILY FOR JOE – please share! Remember Joe, the ridiculously sweet young boy who was hit by a car several months ago? His owner could not afford to provide medical attention and did the best he could to care for Joe, but we felt he definitely deserved better. Due to the amount of time that has passed, surgery to correct some of the repercussions from the accident are not possible. Joe has been nothing short of a champion in handling his disabilities and continues to win the hearts of everyone he meets. When you hold this angel close, all you feel is pure love. Although his best buddies at Animal Care Clinic Animal Care Clinic are head over heels for Joe, they know it’s time for him to move on down the road in his adoption journey. Even though Joe scoots along fine on two pawsies, he’s going to be receiving a super cool set of wheels to more easily motor around on his adventures. We see giant smiles and loud cheers on the horizon for every step Joe will take with his new found mobility. Joe hopes you don’t mind assisting him to pee, because his bladder isn’t working as well as he would like and urine burn is a real bummer. He does have to wear a diaper, but feels confident that he pulls it off more like a super stylish fashion accessory. What Joe wants most is a chance to live as normal of a life as possible and he just needs a partner to help him achieve that. Meow Village covers all of the costs for foster care and provides a large network of seasoned cat experts to support you and Joe every step of the way! Please consider opening your home and heart to Joe… we promise that once you hug him in your arms, there’s no going back! Message us here with any questions, or fill out our foster family application and let’s get Joe out of his cage and into a cozy home soon! #nocatleftbehindmeowvillage.org/foster-home-application

Posted by Meow Village on Tuesday, November 12, 2019

According to Meow Village, Joe didn’t make it into their care until several months after his accident. Upon examination, vets determined it was too late to perform the surgery that could have potentially prevented the kitten’s paralysis. But that didn’t mean Meow Village couldn’t help.

It didn’t take long to learn that Joe loved people. He’s a pro at making biscuits and enjoys cuddling with anyone with an open lap. Determined to give Joe a second chance at a happy life, his rescuers looked into getting him his own kitty wheelchair.

The paralyzed kitten can scoot using his two front paws, but his mobility is obviously limited. As a solution, Meow Village worked with several local businesses and organizations to equip the friendly cat with his own set of wheels. 

Check out this video of Turbo Joe zooming in his kitty wheelchair:


Moving around with his kitty wheelchair will take practice, but each step forward is a big win for the beloved Turbo Joe. His friends call him a “warrior,” and his fighting spirit has yet to let him down. 

Despite his physical challenges and his rough start to life, Turbo Joe is determined to never slow down. His new wheels allow him the freedom to be a regular cat, which is exactly what Meow Village wants. Joe is currently adjusting to his wheelchair and life with a foster, but there’s one more thing he needs–a family.

Let’s Find Turbo Joe a New Home!

Meow Village is actively looking for Turbo Joe’s perfect home. They say Joe is a total lover and gets along with everyone he meets. He’ll need a family that doesn’t mind working around his disability and giving him a little help with his kitty wheelchair when he needs it. His paralysis affects his bladder and bowel control, and he needs his bladder expressed to prevent painful urine burn. So far, however, Joe has been completely open to trying new ways to make his life more comfortable. He wears diapers when he needs to, and he is happy to cooperate when people try to help. 

Turbo Joe is currently in a foster home in the Portland, Oregon area. Meow Village usually looks for local adopters, but they might consider a different location if they find him the perfect place.

To inquire about Turbo Joe, contact Meow Village at meowvillage@comcast.net. You can also fill out an adoption application on their website.

Feature images courtesy of Meow Village and Instagram/mv_turbo_joe

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