Rescue Cat Finds A New Home Thanks To Adorable Crocheted Ears

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We’re constantly amazed at the resiliency of animals. There are stories of cats that are abused, abandoned, and neglected, and yet they never give up. Cats show a kind of strength and courage that inspires us to keep fighting and moving forward. One of those cats is a former stray named Lady. Look into her soulful eyes, and you immediately know that Lady has not had an easy life. She has struggled and suffered, but she hasn’t given up. And thanks to a new pair of crocheted ears, she’s leaving all that behind.

Lady (officially named Lady in a Fur Coat) came to the Dane County Humane Society in December. She was found as a stray, and it was obvious that the sweet cat did not belong on the streets.

It was also obvious that she needed immediate help.

crocheted ears

Lady suffered from chronic ear infections and hematomas. Her ears caused her constant pain and were seriously affecting her quality of life. Veterinarians attempted to treat the infections, but nothing seemed to work. They couldn’t stand to see Lady continue to suffer, so they made an important decision.

After a long deliberation, it was decided that the best thing for Lady was to remove her outer ear flaps. The surgery would put an end to her constant infections, but it also put her at a disadvantage. After her ears healed, Lady’s next priority was finding a home. She deserved a family that would love and care for her, but getting adopted is a lot harder when you don’t look like how people imagine their cats to look.

Shelter staff worried that with no ears, Lady would have trouble getting adopted.

Attracting the right people is always difficult, and Lady’s unique look wouldn’t help. But then a shelter employee had a great idea.

Ash Collins cares deeply about every animal that comes to the shelter. So when Lady had her ears removed, she decided to help in a creative way. Ash used her crafting skills to crochet an adorable cat-sized headband complete with purple ears.

It took a few treats to get Lady comfortable with her new ears, but the shelter posted photos showing the cat looking calm and confident with her new accessory.

The new ears seemed to work. Only a day after the shelter posted the photos, they announced that Lady had found a new home. She was known for giving friendly head bumps to everyone she met, and now Lady has a family of her own. Her crocheted ears helped her stand out, and we’re so happy to see another feline fighter get a much-deserved happy ending. 

All images via Facebook/Dane County Humane Society

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