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Larry The Cat Celebrates 10 Years As Country’s “Official Mouser”

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Back in February of 2011, a special worker joined the staff of the Prime Minister of England. But it wasn’t years of schooling at “Uni” that earned him the coveted position. It was a special skill that he was born with, destined to protect those around him. And a decade later, Larry The Cat has remained steadfast through three cabinet changes.

So today we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the arrival of Larry the Cat, the first “Official Mouser” at 10 Downing Street in London.

Larry didn’t always have it easy though. And he wasn’t born into a life of “pawlitics” and silver bowls. Larry was adopted from a local Battersea animal rescue center at 4 years of age. Clearly they were all winners with that decision. 

Photo: Facebook/Battersea

The tabby cat was recruited by then-Prime Minister David Cameron to deal with a pack of rats seen scuttling close to the British leader’s official residence, and entered Downing Street on Feb. 15, 2011.

Photo; Facebook/Battersea – Kirsty Walker – Battersea Head of Cats

But Larry became such a welcome face in the political world that citizens began a movement just to ensure he remained at the location after the next election. And they were grated their wish.

Lindsey Quinlan, the head of cattery of Battersea reported that,

“Throughout his time at Number 10, Larry has proven himself to not only be a brilliant ambassador for Battersea. [But] also demonstrated to millions of people around the world how incredible rescue cats are,’’ she said.

It’s a smile!!

“His rags to riches tale is yet more proof of why all animals deserve a second chance. One minute they may be an overlooked stray on the streets. The next they could become one of the nation’s beloved political figures, with fans around the world.”

Now, Larry can be regularly seen strolling through the halls and pawtrolling the grounds of the massive estate. 

And thankfully, his exploits are shared on more than just social media. Because should you desire a book on Larry the Cat, you have more than one to choose from. Honestly, who doesn’t need more books on cats?! 


But Larry continues to bring smiles to everyone he meets. Whether he’s allowing his guards to open the door for him.

Or should he wish to have a quiet nap after a vigorous practice with his mouse toys, they leave him peacefully be. Of course, they’ve been trained well enough to snap a quick pic.

Clearly a good nap and lots of practice has proven him a stealthy and efficient worker.

Enjoy Larry the Cat as he purrfects his interview techniques, reminds everyone to stay safe during the pandemic and dresses the part beautifully. 

So congratulations and HAPPY GOTCHA DAY to Larry and everyone at 10 Downing Street!

FUN FACT: Although never given the official title, the cat with the longest known tenure at Downing Street is Wilberforce, who served under four different Prime Ministers!


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