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Family Of Stray Cats Living In A Caravan Are Discovered Just Before Almost Being Disposed!

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For workers at the Buchanan Skip Hire waste transfer station in Livingston, UK, trash is their business. I can’t even imagine the amount of items that line the property at any given time. But as an established, professional business, they have got their system down pat. So when they were preparing a caravan to be picked up to be disposed, they received quite a shock.

Image: @maflingo.coom; Clearly this is NOT the junker caravan but only an example.

Because that caravan they almost disposed, was home to a family of stray cats! 

Photo @BuchananSkips

And thankfully they were found during the final inspection of the junker. The crew pulled them carefully to safety and called the local branch of Cats Protection in West Lothian.

Branch coordinator David Cochrane told the local news: “The company kindly held up the work they planned to do with the caravan and left it completely alone until we were able to get there later in the day. We successfully managed to get mum and kittens out and into foster care.

There were three, 4-week-old kittens and there mama calling the caravan home. It’s possible that the stray mama cat sought out a safe place to have her babies. And that they’ve been here ever since! But despite their lack of human contact, they were all able to be rescued safely.

Mama was named Trudie and is estimated to be about a year and a half old. So sad that this may not even be her first litter. But it certainly will be her last. 

While was initially very protective of her litter and growled at the volunteers trying to help her, within 48-hours she was happy to approach them for attention and food, and allowed the kittens to get some human affection.

But with the van now removed from the property, they were shocked to discover another kitten a few days later on the lot! 

They reached back out to the rescue who welcomed the other kitten to the clowder. It’s not known for sure if it is the kittens sibling, but they all snuggled up nicely together. 

“A few days later we got another called from Buchanan’s to say they had found another kitten in the yard. When we arrived there was a lot of coo-ing going on over a wee tortoiseshell kitten.”

The first three kittens… have been named Maggie, Molly and Mitch, while the fourth is waiting on a new name.

Which is likely going to come very soon because the power of social media has helped get their story out. And not long after, the news was announced that they were already spoken for!

All the cats have now received a clean bill of health by a vet. And they have already all been reserved for adoption after they garnered so much interest on the branch’s Facebook page.

Congratulations to the entire furry family on their new safe, lives! And thank you to the staff for calling for help when they found them. #ItTakesAVillage!

All animal photos property of @catswestlothian


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