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“Wee” French Kittens Are Newest Fosters Welcomed Into The Care Of Florida’s Famous Cat Cop

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Officer Gretchen Byrne of the Coral Springs Police Department is at it again! Our favorite lady in blue has continued patrolling the streets of Florida with ulterior motives. And that goal is not only to protect humans, but felines as well. Because since 2015 Officer Byrne has made it her mission to assist the “kneady” kitties of her municipality. And this time, she had help from a caring French man who shares her passion for humanitarianism.

So her two newest rescues were given adorable French names in his honor.

It was just yesterday that she introduced siblings Mon Chéri and Jacques Noir to her supporters.

Her Instagram page, @bocaratona, is full of sweet fluffy faces and rescued sweethearts. And these two fit in wonderfully. They were obviously shaken at their ordeal. But simply looked on with wide eyes full of wonderment.

She welcomed them into her foster care and they will be adopted out when they are old enough. Neither baby seemed to have any visible issues which is always a bonus with stray animals. Because at their young age, there are a host of issues that can occur. 

Thankfully the “wee” French babes instantly took to foster living. 

The readily available food was quickly gobbled up.

They are likely around a month or so of age. So at this point they would be weaning themselves off of their mother and nursing. Clearly these two were ready for the solid foods!

And what cuter than a messy kitten face attached to a satisfied little fluffy potato!? Probably only photographic evidence of little Mon Chéri being “blessed” by resident “Uncle cat Fwank”. Apparently this is a very high honor for the fluff-nuggets!

In another month, it will be time for their next adventure. However, I can’t imagine it will be a difficult task finding their purrfect human servant. So be sure to follow their “tail”!

Fun Fact: Did you know that “adoption” in French….is “adoption”?! Some words are just so special, they are perfect just the way they are. Kind of like these two.

All photos/video property of @bocaratona


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