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Dreamy Kitten, Freddy Krueger, Needs To Find The Purrfect Home To Invade With Fluffy Cuteness

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As a delightful ball of fluff, kitten Freddy in no way lives up to his namesake, fictional horror movie character, Freddy Krueger. But if you are referring to him as something that you just cannot get off your mind that invades your dreams? This is your cat.

Photos: (L) Robert Englund as “Freddy Krueger” in the Nightmare On Elm Street series –; (R) A shocked kitten Freddy Krueger realizing who he’s named after LOL – @mowglisfosterkittens

Meet the oh so viciously adorable kitten Freddy Krueger, rescued from the streets just before Halloween 2020.

It was on October 23rd that foster mom Katie Nichole was sought out to assist with a singleton kitten. Katie is also known on Instagram as the human behind the account @mowglisfosterkittens.

Surprise!! Meet my new little singleton baby, Freddy! ♥︎

He was brought to my work this afternoon by a lovely couple who found him in their yard. I’ve given them my info in case they find other siblings or mom. I’m estimating him to be about 4-5 weeks.; since he has all his teeth and said no thanks to the bottle and went straight for wet food. He is super sweet and friendly, and loves being snuggled already!

I have given him a bath and now he’s cuddled up in lots of cozy blankets with a snuggle kitty to keep him company. Welcome baby Freddy ♥︎

And this little Freddy settled right in and made himself at home. He slept through the night with no issues and seemed to have no fear in his tiny body. 

Freddy is a very chatty baby and he loves sharing his excitement with everyone…He is the cutest, fuzziest little bean and I’m so obsessed with him already ♥︎♥︎

With that first night, Freddy had snared a piece of Katie’s heart. 

Kittens can carry all types of unknown medical issues from the street life. So Freddy Krueger had to be confined to a large crate at first. It’s so important to ensure that no other foster animals or your own pets catch anything that may be “hitching a ride”.

Freddy took to indoor life like he’d dreamed of it every time he closed his tiny eyes. 

He used his litter box for the first time today and was also dewormed. He gets first round of vaccines tomorrow.

But kitten Freddy doesn’t hold a grudge or have any ill will towards Katie for his confinement. In fact, he seems to love his private quarters! Enough to pose like he’s supurrmeowdel!

Freddy, how are you this cute?! Seriously I can’t stop staring at him – He’s just the fluffiest most adorable thing I’ve ever seen!

And only a week later, kitten Freddy Krueger, the invader of dreams, hit a whooping 1 pound. 

One whole pound of the fluffiest and happiest social little kitten.

Even one night when the power went out in poor Katie’s home, he easily adjusted to travelling outside of his realm. 

He had a fun night staying at a friends while our power was out last night, but is happy to be back in his kennel with his snuggle puppy and toys. ♥︎♥︎♥︎

However, he wouldn’t be living up to his character’s name if he didn’t give everyone who had fallen in love with him on social media, a terrifying scare. Because on November 5th, little Freddy began having issue going to the bathroom suddenly. 

Please keep little Freddy in your thoughts – he is having trouble going potty all of a sudden. I had to stimulate him to poo under warm water just now. I’m not sure exactly what’s going on. He’s been dewormed (scheduled for second round tomorrow) and he’s been eating and having literally the biggest poos up until today. His belly seems to be a bit swollen and he does not like his butt being touched right now – poor thing!

I am going to try my absolute best to get him in to see our regular vet tomorrow. But if his condition worsens and there’s no opening, we may have no choice but to see an emergency vet. Until then he is warm and fed. And I’m keeping a close eye on him in case he needs help throughout the night.

Freddy wasn’t going to let this keep him down though!

Katie was able to get him in to see her regular vet a few days later. Freddy’s followers waited nervously for an update on their favorite little fluffball. 

FREDDY UPDATE – got this little man into see the vet today and the vet does not believe he’s currently constipated. He said his little butt has become swollen and tender. So what most likely happened is Freddy didn’t want to poop because it hurt. And since he was holding it that’s why his belly blew up.

The vet also said they found one little roundworm egg (Freddy has already been dewormed once and is due today for his second round so that should clear that up!) I was given some meds to help Freddy’s butt feel better so he should be pooping like normal again soon. 🤞🏼

Although we know that it is no longer considered a death sentence and positive and negative cats can live together, Freddy tested FIV positive. BUT, kittens under 6 months of age also almost rarely test accurately. So re-testing after that date is a more accurate confirmation.

Regardless, for now he is living his new life to the fullest while his little “bum” heals up.

He even gets to play with another foster kitten staying in Katie’s care.

My little Freddy; overall he is doing very well. He is still his goofy, playful self and enjoys playing with Elodie. His bum is still mildly inflamed and he’s not having the easiest time using the bathroom. The vet says as long as he is still passing something and it’s not a super hard texture there shouldn’t be anything to worry about and to keep him on antibiotics. He just needs more time to heal.

I’ve been letting him play with Elodie from time to time so he can get some socialization and just have some fun. Once his bum issues resolve he’ll be able to come out and play more but I don’t want to put him under any more stress or discomfort. He’s growing into such a gorgeous boy. ♥︎♥︎♥︎

Be sure to follow fan favorite Freddy Krueger, Katie and all the other sweet faces at Mowgli’s Foster Kittens! I’m positive there will be quite a line for his adoption meet-n-greets!

Kitten Freddy Photos property of @mowglisfosterkittens.


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