Giggles The Cat Quickly Adopted But Will Remain The Rescues Official SpokesKitty!

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Well, it wasn’t difficult to predict. Giggles the cat would be swooped up into a forever home as quickly as people could read his news stories. Granted, his grumpy face and sweet demeanor drew in more than 2 MILLION views.

And more than 108 people from all over the world sent serious adoption inquiries about Giggles!

But for Crystal at Riggi Rescue in Akron, Ohio, and Giggles’ foster mom Melanie, they had the pleasure of answering ALL of the messages. And when those who are truly connected with the animals are responsible for finding them the perfect home, it’s a lot of pressure.

Melainie and Crystal

However, the ladies did wonderfully. Because just yesterday they announced that the pending adoption of Giggles was APPROVED! 

We are pleased to announce that Giggles has found his forever home! The immediate connection between him and his new mom was so touching and we were honored to be his stepping stone into his new life.

What I think I love best about this story, is that the small rescue is getting the attention they deserve. It’s very difficult for the thousands of animal rescues in the world to have their voice heard. So when they are blessed with saving another soul, they take it. And by chance, if that cat happens to have the cutest scowl imaginable, they didn’t let the potential to help more pass them by.

Because with Giggles’ frown OFFICIALLY representing the rescue, they are sure to gain the deserved attention!

And with that, Giggles’ new mom and dad approved of the idea as well. So now, even after he is settled happily into his new home, he will still remain the Riggi Rescue Mascot!

To add to this great news, his family has also agreed to keep Giggles as part of the Riggi Rescue family. [So] he is officially our new ambassador! You will be able to meet Giggles at our fundraising events in the near future. His online presence will help fund the medical costs of the kittens and cats that we rescue. Allowing us to save even more!

Not ONLY will his adorable mug grace the social media pages of the rescue, he’s now got his OWN profiles! We can all follow Giggles on Facebook and Instagram @GigglesTheAngryCat.

I can only imagine that this will bring smiles to our faces for years to come. Not to mention that he will have kitty siblings to play with! Here he is, playing with his first new toy and getting to know his new fluffy family under the door. It’s always important to do introductions slowly with any new animals to ensure less stress for everyone.

And even though Giggles has his forever home now, his new mission is to bring that joy to other homeless animals. 

Giggles received a lot of attention and adoption requests, but there are still so many cats and kittens needing homes. Please reach out to us to apply to adopt or visit your local shelter.

Don’t forget to pay special attention to the quiet, scared kitty hiding in the back of their cage, they might just become your new best friend. Adopt today and support Giggles on his new mission to save those who haven’t been as lucky as him!

Thank you SO MUCH to Riggi Rescue for using this opportunity to help others! Congratulations to Giggles and his new family!


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