Orphan Kittens Liora And Minette Are Out Of The Incubator And Ready For The World!

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Well it happened again. There are more adorable fluffy potatoes coming out of the foster home of Melinda Blain. This time under the guise of sweet sisters, Liora and Minette. And it’s been very easy for the more than 80K Instagram followers on her @bottlebabyfosters to be excited.

Because they have watched Liora and Minette’s journey from the incubator to now being officially listed for adoption! 

The girls arrived at Melinda’s home back in mid-September. At only 5 days old, the two neonates had been found outdoors, abandoned. They had watched for a mother cat to show herself, but alas, none did. So the two orphans were welcomed into her experienced care. 

Introducing little miss Liora (meaning light/hope) and miss Minette (meaning faith). Little Liora is the sweetest little nugget and has turned into a total purr machine.


What the girls needed to learn first was to simply eat though. And Melinda shared a very important point on her social media page. It may not be something may new bottle baby fosters even consider. 

She came in and was super angry in the beginning since change is uncomfortable. Miracle nipples made of silicone aren’t the same as the real thing. I’ve always found that every kitten has a different adjustment period and all I can do is continue to show them that they are safe and loved while they progress. I’m happy to say that she is now doing super great with eating and is getting happier and happier to be here every day.

It wasn’t long before life was beginning to look up for fluffy Liora and Minette. 

Granted their eyes weren’t going to emerge for another week or so, but when they did…it was just too cute. 

The girls turned 11 days old today and Liora is the only one of the two to show little slivers of eyeballs so far, but they’re progressing perfectly at their own paces.

Minette is my little glutton who loves to eat and snuggle up with her sister and with her stuffed teddy bear mama while in the incubator. She currently looks like a little ball of gray fur, but we should be seeing some eyeballs in the coming days. Happy to have these little babies here and experience those moments of calmness at each feeding, even when some feedings include wiping down 💩 from the walls of the incubator. 🤷🏻‍♀️ #graybie #futurefloof #cutiepie #mousevibes #preciousbaby

Before long, they were 3-weeks old and Melinda let the cats out of the “bag”, a.k.a. incubator. It is a crucial step that must not be rushed when kittens that young cannot regulate their body temperatures.

Minette hilariously screams during “exercise time” when she’s asked to take more than one step. #relatable Liora is constantly right by my side purring up a storm and accidentally swiping me in the face with her murder mitts. #growingup #thatfloofthough #sisters

Once free though, the girls easily wiggled their way into hearts. They were also able to gain additional socialization at another of the foster team’s homes. It’s so very important that kittens are exposed to human interactions. Plus it’s fun for us. 

Just a couple of co-dependent, fluffy potatoes learning how to walk without toppling over.


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The fluff filled out, their eyes filled with wonderment at the world around them.

But as it comes in every fosters time, adoption day approaches. Thankfully a little snip snip too, sorry gals, but you’ll thank Melinda later!

I love Liora’s goofy little clingy personality and how she’s in the awkward state of vision development that has her looking adorably deranged. These girls are coming up on 4.5 weeks old, which means weaning and FeLV testing are right around the corner. Pre-adoption is coming up and I’m looking forward to finding the perfect forever home for these girls to go to together.

Just yesterday, Melinda announced that Liora and Minette are officially available for pre-adoption…TOGETHER!

This means that while they may find the perfect forever family for the two girls, they must wait to take them home. The girls need to wait until they are “of age” and have their “big girl surgeries” before exiting the stage.

Although I can’t imagine that with these two faces running around your home, the camera won’t be out all. the. time. Hopefully for us, they will have their own social media pages for us to follow. 

Thank you again to Melinda and team for saving these souls and the many others they care for.

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