Way To Go, Pistachio! Adoption Day Has Arrived

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After waiting for 5 LONG months, little Pistachio has finally found his furever family! 

In June of 2020, Dani Giroux, a.k.a. Dani the Cat Lady, welcomed a few week old, abandoned kitten into her home. He was FULL of medical issues. But she knew with her years of experience she could give him every opportunity. And he flourished in her foster home. Not only does he love humans, he got along with cats and dogs.

His cracked little mouth earned him the name Pistachio. 

He’s got a bit going on: URI, eye infections, and a shortened bottom jaw which allows his tongue to always hang out. We will get him into the vet in the next few days, as I suspect he has some other congenital issues as well.


Bonus news?! His bloodwork showed no signs of any hypothyroidism at all! He is just a show’er, not a grower. Sorry, had to. 

He had a shortened bottom jaw but not enough that required him to need to have any teeth removed. It just causes his tongue to hang out…which just happens to be the cutest thing ever. 

And on October 15th, he was officially listed as available for adoption…and had no applicants!

We are officially accepting applications for Pistachio! Do you want a cat who is overly affectionate and wants nothing more than to be with you and on you all the times? Looking for a tiny tiger with big eyes whose tongue is constantly hanging out? Well look not further!
Pistachio is about 4 months old and looking for his forever home. We would love for him to be adopted with one of his buddies Figaro or Kennedy, but if not he needs to go to a home with at least another cat. He’s very social and loves to play.

I’ll be honest, more than once Cat Man Chris asked if Pistachio should join the CaM family, because he’s crazy. 

But the universe had other plans in store for him, it just took a catnap for a couple of weeks. He brushed up on his skills to attract some attention.
And out of the approaching Halloween Blue Full Moon shadows, emerged his perfect humans. Dani’s friends had decided that their current cat needed a playmate. So they set up safe visits to meet with a few rescue fosters to see who would be a good fit. 
And then they met Pistachio. Immediately, cat dad Dustin fell in love with the little nut. They knew he would make an amazing addition to their family and on October 30th, they welcomed him home.
PISTACHIO HAS BEEN ADOPTED! His new name is now Devin P. Stachio and he is going to have a brother named October.
While I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little sad, and I’m gonna miss him and his silly tongue hanging out, I know he is going to be so happy and so loved. Thank you for adopting him @_dustin_rogers and @eden__slade I know he’s gonna have the best life! 💖

CONGRATULATIONS to my little buddy and his new family!

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All images courtesy of Dani The Cat Lady / Runaway’s Animal Rescue


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