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Pregnant Dog Saved From Gas Station Bathroom; Loses Entire Litter, Diagnosed With Cancer But STILL Finds Love In Orphaned Family Of Kittens

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It was in July of 2020 when two sweet dogs were rescued from a gas station in Arizona, near the Mexico border. They had taken up residence likely for the measly scraps of food customers may provide. But one of the dogs, Georgia, needed much more than food and a home. You see, Georgia was pregnant!

Photo by Sunshine Dog Rescue

A local rescue, Sunshine Dog Rescue, heard of the homeless animals and had rushed over to help.

Welcome Georgia and Denver to the rescue. They were found “living” at a rural gas station on the AZ/MX border. Georgia is a smallish shepherd mix and is at the vet this afternoon for a full work up. We just found out that Lady Georgia wasn’t such a lady while living on the streets. Puppies will be here in a month or so. #lastlitter #sunshinedogrescue

Photo by Sunshine Dog Rescue

The dogs were taken into their foster car and not long after, Georgia went into labor.

Photo by Sunshine Dog Rescue

But even being rescued from gas station living, sweet Georgia’s suffering was far from over. 

On August 13th, she had to be rushed to the vet for an emergency C-section and spay…and within a short time, she lost all of her babies.

Georgia was devastated. And so were the shelter staff and volunteers. Watching this loving pup that came from the streets losing her litter was heartbreaking for everyone. Worst of all though, was what it had done to Georgia. 

While my heart hurts for the puppies that never got to run and play, my heart is so very sad for Georgia. She is looking for her babies and it is heartbreaking to watch. We did discover during the surgery that her uterus had some lesions so we sent in a biopsy to see what may be going on.

Photo by Sunshine Dog Rescue

Anita Osa, founder of the shelter, said that Georgia was heartbroken and sad after the loss of all her babies.

“I’ve never had a mother lose a whole litter before. The best way I could describe it was that she was frantic. She was so sad, she was looking for those babies. She broke the toddler mattress we had her on, trying to find her babies.”

Photo by Sunshine Dog Rescue

Georgia wasn’t just another rescued animal from a gas station or the streets, just to be another number on an intake form.

She is a living being. And she was suffering. Thankfully she was in the best care, and the shelter had the perfect idea to help her shower her motherly instincts on deserving new lives. 

So she was introduced to three orphaned kittens that had lost their mother during birth. It’s not something that always works, but when it does, you’re witnessing a miracle. Anita brought one of the kittens to the grieving mama, and she carefully inspected them.

Photo by Sunshine Dog Rescue
Photo by Sunshine Dog Rescue

“I introduced them gently. First I took one and let her smell it, and she seemed to accept it, so I brought the others. It’s amazing to see how she calmed down instantly. I think the kittens have no idea that Georgia is a dog.”

For Georgia these tiny kittens are her children as she breastfeeds them, she cleans them and everything, but the bond is strong. It’s really something to see, she protects these kittens as if they were her babies,” says Anita excitedly.

But sadly, the test results from Georgia’s biopsy came back and she was diagnosed with, luckily treatable, cancer. 

She would undergo treatment as soon as the kittens were old enough to be weaned.

We have some not so great news to share about Georgia. When she had her emergency c-section, we took a biopsy as some of her tissue looked odd and tested for TVT (transmissible venereal tumor) which is cancerous. She has now developed a visible tumor on her female parts and will start chemo on Tuesday. This form of cancer is highly curable and we expect Georgia to make a full recovery. Once Georgia starts treatment her babies will not be able to spend time with her until treatment is over.

Photo by Sunshine Dog Rescue

The tragedies weren’t over just yet though. 

Georgia and kitties update. Two of the three babies are thriving and bottle feeding fairly well. Neither is able to latch strongly enough to eat from mama Georgia alone. Very sadly, the third baby passed away. That baby did have a small amount of blood near their rear end and we are unsure if that had something to do with the passing. Georgia is extremely focused on her two seemingly healthy babies and is doing really well. Bless this little family ❤️

Photo by Sunshine Dog Rescue
Photo by Sunshine Dog Rescue
RIP Graffiti

The mixed family was finally able to focus on simply living each day together. And over the next months, thrived in foster care together.

They are about 2.5 pounds now and they think they own the place. 😂 While I am a dog person at heart, I sure will miss these little punks. 🥰 #Georgiaskittens #graffiti #gumball #goober #sunshinedogrescue

Photo by Sunshine Dog Rescue

But Georgia was saved from the gas station so that she could find a home…and with her loving nature, she was quickly adopted!

Not only was Georgia (now Milo) welcomed into her new family, one of her kittens was adopted with her too! Cousins Torah David Jacobs and Courtney Amber of Arizona, now happily share their home with the adorable family.

Photo by Sunshine Dog Rescue
Photo by Sunshine Dog Rescue

While she is undergoing her cancer treatments, Sunshine Dog Rescue will continue to cover the costs. 


But for Georgia/Milo, she’s going to be more than just a best friend for Torah! David and Courtney explained on a social media post when someone noticed her harness/vest from the video. 

“She’s going to be an emotional support dog”, explained David, “and this was the only vest I had at the moment to take her to the vet in. She has another on its way for when she’s “off duty” 😊
Courtney added, “Once chemo is over, and the vet gives the go ahead, she’ll be trained professionally to be David’s emotional support dog 🙂 So far, she’s been amazing for him even without official training, which has been absolutely beautiful to watch! They’re so happy together 🥰(I’m David’s sister & roommate).”

Congratulations to Georgia/Milo, kitten Gumball/Toby, David and Courtney!

Thank you so much to Sunshine Dog Rescue for not only pulling Georgia from gas station hell. But for going above and beyond to ease her suffering. 

Just this past weekend, Courtney commented on the shelters updated post with some wonderful news. 

Definitely! Milo’s all healed up by now and her energy seems to have doubled overnight 😅It’s been so much fun watching her personality shine even brighter without the medication and cancer holding her back!

Picture by Sunshine Dog Rescue
Photo by Courtney



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