Shelters Longest Resident, Senior Cat Meece, Finally Has A Home Of Her Own

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Meece is sadly like thousands of other senior cats stuck in the shelter life. They arrive there from a range of circumstances, all suffering the same lonely fate. Some are abandoned by their owners when medical issues begin. Others are left when people move and don’t care about bringing them along. And almost all of them are overlooked by adopters wanting cute, fluffy kittens. 

But for Meece, the sweet senior black cat, her stay at the shelter was the longest. 

The staff at Anne Arundel County Animal Care & Control in Maryland, have had the pleasure of hosting her since February 20th, 2020. Day after day, they were baffled that the fun-loving girl was overlooked.

What people seem to forget about adopting a kitten is that their personalities are still developing. You NEVER know how they’re going to turn out. But the best thing about this senior, was that her personality was easy to determine. 

“She is a sweetie but everything is on her terms (so no kids). Meece loves to just hang out and follow you around and talk to you all day. She does fine with other pets as long as they leave her alone and respect her personal space boundaries.”

She is approximately 10 years young, and has a “sweet and sassy” personality. Once she overcame the fear of being in a new environment, she settled right in.

Meece has hyperthyroidism so she does need medication daily, but she is easy to medicate.

For a while, Meece was cared for in one of their experienced foster homes and got to experience the comfy life. 

And in a rare turn of events, they learned that she is perfectly content around calm dogs! Not something every feline allows.

They needed to find a forever family for her though! She deserves, like every animal, at least that. So they moved her into the offices at the shelter. This way she would be right in front of those visiting the location hoping to find their soulmate. 

Oh, and thankfully there was a shelter pup that she could bond with there too!

But what would happen to this adorable girl if she kept being overlooked? They held on to the hope that their patience would pay off. Posting on their social media pages, poor Meece could be given all the personal recommendations and praise as possible. But the sleek panther was just another face on an adoption poster, next to dozens of others in her same situation.

But finally, just this week, Meece was given the most special gift. 


The shelter was thrilled to announce her adoption and reign at the shelter was over. 

Anne Arundel County Animal Care & Control’s longest resident no longer is at the shelter: Yes, Meece has been adopted!

Her adopters don’t have any other cats right now. And their dog has done well when they have taken care of a relative’s cat for several weeks at a time. Plus, Meece will have parts of their home all to herself.

Meece has hyperthyroidism so she does need medication daily, but she is easy to medicate and went home with both her medicine and prescription food. Oh: She also insisted on taking along the Chewy box she loves to sit in. Have a great life, Meece!

So next time you are in a shelter, remember to show the seniors some love too! 

The staff at FAACAC, remind us of some great points to consider before adopting your next feline friend.

Older homeless cats face a particularly steep uphill struggle to find adopters during the summertime, when shelters are filled with perky little kittens.

But remember: Adopting a kitten means you are committing to care for this particular animal for possibly 20 or more years. Is your life indeed going to accommodate having this pet for that long? Or would an older cat perhaps best fit your lifestyle, both today and in the future? And, while it’s not the most pleasant thing to consider, what will happen to your pet if it outlives you?

One of the saddest and yet most common reasons for pets to be given up to the shelter is that their owner has gone into a nursing home or passed away. In fact, seven of these senior cats came in together a few days ago because their owner entered an assisted living facility. Seven terrified elderly cats now sitting in shelter cages, hoping against hope for new homes.


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