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Family Of Cat Burglar In Britain Attempts To Find Owners Of The Treasured Loot

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In the picturesque British hamlet of Andover, Hampshire, a young cat burglar has acquired quite a collection of stolen treasures. But it’s not a mystery as to who is behind the nightly thefts. The family of the “purrpretrator” is well aware of their sticky fingered bandit. 

Because the cat burglar is none other than their 2-year-old cat, Pixel. 

Yes, she is fixed and yes, the English countryside is a much safer place for indoor/outdoor cats than other parts of the world. 

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She’s apparently just like thousands of other tortoiseshell cats who have the “tortitude” gene. Very strong-willed, outspoken and will shower you with love…on their terms. Kate Baker has woken up each morning since last year, with a “gift” from her sweet and giving adopted kitten.

But now, after Pixel’s hoard has begun to grow to extreme size, her owners are looking to return the stolen loot. 

“I’d always planned on seeing if I could get them back to their owners, and left them in a pile. When my brother saw how much I’d accumulated he got me Pixel’s plunder box.”

And that box over-floweth!

So Kate posted the treasure chest on a local neighborhood group to attempt to find the item’s owners. It certainly seems that there are a LOT of one-gloved people in the town! 

To Kate’s shock, her post “outing” her little burglar was met with more amusement than angry townsfolk. 

Locals on the Facebook group page, SPOTTED IN ANDOVER NEW, were quick to join in the jolly lighthearted fun. 

My cats thieving has become so bad my brother brought her a box! I would like to return items, her hunting grounds are Vigo road / Valencia way. Sorry in advance 😬

Sarah O’neil
Omg kate 🤣, least its not mice i guess 🤣🤣🤣 xx
Siân Walker
At least she has the sense to rob them in pairs 🤣🤣🤣
One woman though, Gail Wilkinson, received more of a shock than the others. It seems her home is frequently visited by little Pixel! 
I have the twin to 4 of those 🤣😂🤣🤣😂 love this. The arguments we’ve had over gloves, I bought a pack of 10 recently cause we keep losing them
The numbers and letters are possibly ours too, we threw the rest away about a month ago.
“We thought she was trying to spell her name, the “p” was her very 1st stolen item” Kate replied.

Apparently kleptomaniac Pixel isn’t picky about her plundering though, and will collect whatever she can get her paws on.

When it began last year, children’s toys seemed to catch her attention. But she seems to be a burglar of convenience. 

Items in her haul include pine cones, huge carpets of moss, large feathers, gloves, toys, and blocks of wood. ‘When sheds are open and kids have toys out, she will go for more exciting things,’ Kate said.We always know when Pixel has brought us something she’s particularly proud of, as she has a unique wail of delight and will always leave her gifts on our landing.

There is one thing that Kate told Cole and Marmalade about Pixel’s abundant pilfering. Apparently she used to find “manky”, or dirty, socks appealing! EWWWW!

While a number of the items stolen by the adorable cat burglar have been returned, Kate will continue to search for the other owners. 

And Pixel will continue to shower her beloved owner with gifts in the meantime. 

I had three feathers this morning and you can guarantee she will be on the hunt for more “gifts”!

Photos courtesy of Kate Baker


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