New Zealand “Cat” Burglar Caught On Camera Prompts Hilarious Social Media Comments

The Eastern District Police Department was involved in a sly, undercover operation to catch a thief in Gisborne, New Zealand. The “cat burglar”– a burglar who is adept at entering and leaving the burglarized place without attracting notice–had been terrorizing locals.

Photo: – Gisborne, New Zealand

What they discovered lurking in the darkness of the night was something no one suspected. 

On January 29th, the police were contacted by a woman who finally had enough of someone invading her property. The criminal had apparently been targeting her clothes that were drying on the clothesline overnight. She had lost socks, shirts and even underwear! 

When the officers heard of the intrusion, they took the repeated nightly invasions seriously. Sadly, stolen clothes–especially undergarments–can be a sign of a sexual offender. Wanting to catch the person responsible, they decided to set up motion-activated cameras in the yard. This way they could see the criminal in the act. 

Photo: @EasternDistrictPoliceNZ

What they saw was shocking. It turns out the purrpetrator was a small, ginger cat! 

Visiting the yard, the cat treated the area like it’s own purrsonal boutique. It would creep into the yard under the cover of darkness. Surveying the day’s special items, the cat would chose the purrfect piece. It would grab the clothing in it’s mouth and flee. 

When the officers saw the footage, they had to share the news on their Facebook page. 

Photo: @EasternDistrictPoliceNZ

This post has prompted a slew of hilarious comments!

“Cat gets taken into custody for questioning, doesn’t speak. Investigators determine the cats got it’s own tongue.”

“That’s just catastrophic!! 🐈”

“Excellent paw Enforcement!”

“He’s committing the purrfit crime.”

“You guys certainly tell some tails.”

“Will he be pussecuted?”

Purrhaps my favorite…

“That’s undie-lievable.”

Another woman spoke up and admitted to also being a victim of this kitty cats addiction. 

“I know it’s really funny…. but I am a couple of doors down from the ‘clothes rack affair perpetrator’. I am down to one pair of socks. 4 pairs taken. 5 linen tea towels gone. One oven cloth. Untold pairs of garden gloves.”


The department made sure to remind citizens this could have been a more serious situation. 

Eastern District Police You guys are onto it. We can laugh about it now, but we were taking it very seriously at the time. It’s not about the value of what was taken, but the fact that someone (potentially a real person) was repeatedly going into a private back garden at night and stealing items of clothing. Thankfully it turned out to be our moggy crim!”

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