Microchip Reunites Senior Cat And Her Family After A Long 10 Months

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We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Microchips are so important! These tiny devices are responsible for countless happy reunions, and they’re literal lifesavers for thousands of our beloved cats. One of those microchipped felines is a senior rescue cat named Luda. Luda had been missing for 10 long months. But a microchip embedded under her skin led to a tearful reunion with her favorite humans.

A Loving Family

Shortly after the Forsythes got married 15 years ago, they adopted a tiny rescue kitten. They named the kitten Luda, and the cute tabby became the first member of their new little family. As the years passed, Luda remained an important part of their lives. She was there for every season of their marriage and was a comfort in both the good times and the bad. The husband and wife considered Luda to be an important part of their family, and they watched her grow from playful kitten to seasoned senior cat.

Losing Luda

When Luda unexpectedly went missing from their home, Amanda Forsythe feared the worst. And as more time passed, she started to lose hope. Less than 2 percent of lost cats that enter animal shelters are reunited with their families, and even more lost cats are hurt, killed, or taken in by complete strangers. The odds of seeing Luda again were not good, and Amanda was devastated.

Despite exhaustive search efforts, months went by with no signs of the senior cat. At 15 years old, Amanda didn’t think Luda had the strength or stamina to survive on her own. She was heartbroken at the thought of her beloved cat suffering all alone, but there was nothing more she could do to help.

One in three pets goes missing in their lifetime, but thanks to Luda's microchip, she was reunited with her family even…

Posted by Humane Society of Missouri on Thursday, October 10, 2019

A Happy Reunion

A long 10 months after Luda disappeared, Amanda and her husband still thought of their cat often. They wondered if she was still alive, and if she was, where did she go? Then one day, the couple boarded a flight to Vegas. Right before it was time to switch their phones to airplane mode, they got a phone call. Someone had found Luda, and she was waiting for them at the Humane Society of Missouri.

Amanda immediately burst into tears after hearing the incredible news. Not only was Luda alive, she was safe and almost home. She felt incredibly lucky, but it wasn’t luck that brought Luda home. It was her microchip. Luda was picked up 22 miles away from her home and brought to a shelter. She was skinny, but she was surprisingly healthy. Upon intake, the shelter scanned for a chip. When the Forsythes returned home from their trip, Luda was waiting for them. They celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary with their first pet in their arms.


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