Two Souls Find Friendship After Both Kittens Abandoned Alone

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Two newborn kittens found themselves in very similar and dangerous circumstances this week. Thankfully each fragile soul was discovered just in time. But then, something happened that wasn’t expected. The two souls craved more than just love and attention to survive. With the lines of fate crossing over the babies, they found that in each other.

The two souls are now becoming one loving set of friends in foster care.

One adorable miniature pile of floofy neonatal kittens that is!

It began on Friday the 11th, when workers at a dump near Mankato, Minnesota found something that did NOT belong in the trash. Under one of the loading docks, sat a week old ginger kitten. He was all alone and crying.

The workers knew that they needed to wait and see if a mama cat returned to the area. She may have been spooked when humans with loud machines showed up at the buffet. But when a couple of hours passed and there was no sight of another feline, they had to take action.

They reached out to Mending Spirits Animal Rescue, which now may be one of my favorite rescue names ever. Quickly getting the tiny nugget into their foster care, he quickly snuggled up a the warm humans. He spent the first night in the warm home of the organizations president before heading to the home of foster mom, Angie Kimes.

Huge thank you to the kind and loving person who reached out to MSAR for help. This little one is less than a week old. We can’t wait to see this baby grow and thrive as a house lion in training!

But it was only a day later, when another lost soul was discovered in need of assistance! 

Luckily, her tiny cries had been heard by a caring human who stopped at nothing to find the source of the plea. The mini tabby was found soon after hiding in the storage section of a pickup truck, again all alone.

Not for long though! Because before too much time passed, the two kittens were snuggled up with one another. And to our benefit, Angie began snapping pictures and taking video.

After two of her favorite childhood movies, they both were given the purrfect names. Meet little ginger boy, Herbie, after Herbie, the Love Bug. He weighed about 5.5 ounces when picked from the trash pile.

And sweet little tabby girl, Pippi, for Pippi Longstocking. She was a whopping 6 ounces of pure magical fluff when found.

The two souls are now spending their time learning how to do those very important kitty things. 

One of the most important things that abandoned kittens need is socialization. If they are not around other kittens, they can develop aggressive play habits. This is simply because they have no “peer” to let them know when they’ve gone to far. Angie knew that with one another, they would have the best chance of adjusting into happy, healthy adoptable kittens someday.

Mealtimes are always a treat with neonatal kittens requiring bottle feedings. Besides the fact that they need to eat every 2-3 hours that is.

But there are very few things better than wiggly baby ears and satisfied faces donning milk mustaches.

The first glimpse of those baby blues opening around the 2 week mark is pretty close though!

Herbie and Pippi will be ready for adoption in a couple months, and I do hope the two souls get to stay together. Until then, they will continue to eat, sleep, poop and grow. I’m looking forward to their foster mom’s photos on 3 of those things! =) 

Kitten formula, heating pads and other supplies needed for Herbie and Pippi have been added to Mending Spirits’ Amazon wish list. Cash to support the organization’s biggest expense — veterinarian care — also is welcomed at

Photos courtesy of Angie Kimes / Mending Spirits Animal Rescue


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