If Rescuers Refuse To Give Up On Paralyzed Kitten Mr. Fiddlesticks Walking Someday; Neither Will He!

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Very few animal rescues have the experience, time and dedication to give to special needs animals. And those that have fought genetic mutations and struggled their short lives do not always have the strength to continue the fight. But these miracle babies are just that. Some unfortunately do not overcome these obstacles and succumb to the ailments, breaking our hearts each time. Then there are others, like Mr. Fiddlesticks who have an overwhelming and shocking will to thrive.  

And if his rescuers refuse to give up on him, Mr. Fiddlesticks is clearly going to put 110% into that battle too! 

Because right now, Mr. Fiddlesticks can’t walk.

This squishable little face appeared on an email plea sent out to local animal rescues in Tampa, Florida on August 20th. Sadly, this is NOT uncommon for rescues to receive emails such as this.

What isn’t as common, is a rescuer that can open their hearts and organizations to caring for these animals. With accepting these types of challenges though, loss too often accompanies these souls. And to continue to care for special needs animals, is a constant roller coaster of emotions.

Luckily, the rescuer that acted immediately upon opening the notice, was Dani the Cat Lady. And between Dani and her rescue, The Runaways Animal Rescue, numerous members have experience with paralyzed kittens. 

She knew in her heart that Mr. Fiddlesticks belonged in her care, and rushed to retrieve him before he was euthanized.

My newest foster, Mr Fiddlesticks. Sometimes you need something cute and familiar to cheer you up. When I lost Tucker and Ramona, I was devastated. While I’m surrounded by cats and kittens, there was still this huge hole in my heart. I started frantically searching for paralyzed kittens in need, grasping to find that same happiness, and while I knew no one could ever replace him, I couldn’t stop looking.

Then I decided to take a step back wait. I figured if a special kitten needed me; they would find me.

Then two days ago, I received a plea from my friend Gina at Pasco County Animal Services, about a kitten who couldn’t use his back legs, I COULD NOT RESPOND TO HER FAST ENOUGH, lol. We went and got him yesterday and he’s the sweetest little doll. While there is still a huge hole in my heart, Mr Fiddlesticks is trying his best to fill it. There is a possibility he could walk again, so we’re starting with therapy to see if we can make that happen 🧡

Her heart simultaneously filled and burst the moment she met the ginger nugget. Promising him she’d do everything in her power to help him survive, they left death row and set off to change his life. 

What she didn’t know though, was the absolute determination and fight that Mr. Fiddlesticks held within his tiny, broken ginger frame!

The first thing the tiny kitten needed was a bath however. And as with most felines, he was not a fan! Hopefully he gets used to it because these are a necessity for paralyzed animals to stay clean.

Then it was time for some creative problem solving for Dani. Because Mr. Fiddlesticks must wear a diaper to protect himself… and her house. So how do you keep that diaper on a fidgety, rambunctious kitten?!

This is how.

Regardless of how utterly adorable Mr. Fiddlesticks is, one cannot help but be in awe of his fighting spirit.

Because even though his legs aren’t working now, he is showing signs of moving them on his own! 

Dani knows that if he’s even going to have a chance of walking, she must continue to push him to use his flailing limbs. He’s not in pain but in true kitten form, happily shares his displeasure in the cutest voice.

Many animals may develop an angry disposition if all they’ve known is struggle their whole lives.

Not Mr. Fiddlesticks though. The sweet boy simply goes with the flow, happy to be around his doting humans.

In the rescue world, there are sadly always animals that need help. And Mr. Fiddlesticks was happy to accompany Dani and her fiance, Luke, on another lifesaving journey. 

Today we took a road trip 🚗 to Sebastian, FL to pick up some very special kitties who came in today from @humanesocietygrandbahama. Mr Fiddlesticks got to go along for the ride since he’s still on the bottle. He safe and secure in his @sleepypod for the ride, and has been a great passenger!

Everyday that he’s been in her care now, he’s showing promising signs of someday walking on his own. From simply gripping her finger with his paw to slight kicks of the weak limbs, every move is motivation to Dani. 

LOOK AT THOSE STRONG LEGS!! Is this a Caturday celebration or what?? It was first thought that Mr Fiddlesticks didn’t have an deep pain sensation, which typically means that there is slim to no chance of regaining mobility.

But over the last week I’ve had him I’ve been doing at home therapy and noticed slight movements in his lower half. I am

aware that involuntary movements are also movements, but when this happened yesterday, I couldn’t help but be optimistic about his prognosis for mobility in the future. We will start him on official therapy next week in hopes this continues!🐾

Now surrounded by love and determination in foster care, this lucky ginger will continue to pursue a life of 4-legged prancing. 

Thankfully Dani is amazing with the camera and manages to capture the true personalities of her fosters for our delight. 

Oh these? These here are my strong legs 😹•••#orangetabby #orangetabbycatsofinstagram #adopt #adoptdontshop…

Posted by Dani The Cat Lady on Saturday, September 5, 2020

Mr. Fiddlesticks has made friends with the other fosters and enjoys a good romp like any other spunky kitten.

Be sure to follow Dani the Cat Lady and her rescue page to witness the miracle that is Mr. Fiddlesticks! 

All photos courtesy of Dani Giroux/Dani the Cat Lady/Runaways Animal Rescue


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