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Last year we covered a story about a the luckiest, and most unlucky, cat there may be in the Boston area. Poor Space Ghost, as he was first dubbed, had been found lying in a pool of his own blood alone on the street. Fortunately, a caring human discovered the fading soul and called in a team of professionals.

Together, they were able to bring Space Ghost back from the brink of death…and so much more!

When we last reported on the lucky 2-year-old Siamese beauty, he was grasping onto a new lease on life. His injuries were healing and thankfully, there was no signs of permanent damage. The heroes at the Animals Rescue League of Boston (ARL) had earned their way into his good graces.

But would this former street cat be forever changed after his brush with death? Perhaps the peaceful and far less dangerous indoor life would be more to his likely now? 

It didn’t take long for them to find out.

Because by December, Space Ghost had officially become Percy, and had found himself some humans! 

Apparently it didn’t take long for Percy to realize he had a knack for the loving humans and the toys that come with. 

According to his new mama, Kara M., “Within hours, he was strutting confidently around. He has plenty of toys, but is most drawn to socks, particularly for cuddling with and playing fetch. I think he’s still trying to figure out his cuddle preferences, but he usually sleeps with me.”

Looks like he’s still a fan of living on the edge, literally. I love seeing the ripped up scratching posts meaning a kitty is doing what kitties are supposed to do!

But now, we can all gratefully cross off this this tragic beginning as a truly happy ending. 

To all the other invisible “Space Ghosts” of the world; one wish. 

I hope this inspires someone to help the next unfortunate homeless animal BEFORE another tragedy like this occurs. They won’t all be as lucky as Percy, but they will all be just as cute!


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