(With Updates!) Tiny Paralyzed Kitten Receives Lego Wheelchair From His Rescuers!

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A woman in Canada found a tiny black kitten hiding in her barn. Right away, she noticed that the poor baby looked injured. Both it’s back legs seemed to be broken and were unable to be used. She contacted a local organization, CARMA Sussex, Cat Rescue Maritimes, and their volunteers rushed over to investigate. The desperate kitten could only get around by dragging it’s back legs, which were completely paralyzed.

The team was afraid the kitten would not be able to be saved, but rushed him to their vet.

After a thorough exam, the vet confirmed that the young boy did not have any physical injuries caused from an attack or tragic accident. Unfortunately, his deformed legs were due to a birth defect. They would be a lifelong struggle for him.

Please Note: we are not accepting any applications for Champ!We were contacted by a very nice lady who needed help with a seemingly injured kitten in her barn… when our volunteer first picked him up we were quite concerned, as you can see from the video the sweet kitten could only get around by dragging himself. We immediately had him vet checked and learned that this was a birth defect and not an injury so the good news is that there is no pain associated with his condition and besides that he got a clean bill of health and the vet said he was solid and strong for his age so…. everyone meet Champ… the video of him before and the video after a day or so in his amazing foster home. We are currently accepting donations to our medical fund in order to provide Champ and our other kitties with the vet care they need.Donations can be dropped off at Vogue Optical or etransfer to carmasussex@gmail.com**be warned, have the tissues ready! ?

Posted by CARMA Sussex, Cat Rescue Maritimes on Sunday, May 20, 2018

The good news with this is that the kitten, appropriately named Champ, was not in any pain. He received an otherwise clean bill of health and was surprisingly strong for his circumstances.

Want an update on our boy Champ? Check out Global News Wednesday or Thursday evening

Posted by CARMA Sussex, Cat Rescue Maritimes on Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Champ was taken into foster care and a wheelchair is on order for him. Alas, he is still too small to be fitted properly with the gear. His foster parents came up with a brilliant idea though!

They used Lego’s to build Champ a custom sized mini set of wheels!

Champ was fitted with a small red sock to prevent any rubbing or chafing from the genius device. Now he can scoot around with his foster brothers and sisters like any other rambunctious kitten!

Please Note: we are not accepting any applications for Champ!Champ in his new wheels… these are only temporary as he will need new ones as he grows.Donations can be made to Champ and all our kitties medical care by etransfer to carmasussex@gmail.com or by dropping off at Vogue Optical and Pet Valu in Sussex.Thank you!

Posted by CARMA Sussex, Cat Rescue Maritimes on Sunday, May 20, 2018

CARMA is not currently taking applications to adopt this little fighter. But be sure to follow his story on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Keep on truckin’ little fella!!!


Photo: Facebook Janet Godin Diebel @carmasussex

Not too long after our original story posted, CARMA shared an amazing video on their Facebook page.

Check out Champ–he’s not only truckin’ along, he’s basically mountain climbing!!!

Champ is still with the CARMA family and they are still not accepting applications for him. The sweet boy does love to have visits from cat lovers whenever he can though. He is happy to attend adoption events for meet and greets. It seems that Champ has deemed himself the “kitties champion”, because his new goal is to help others.

Photo: Facebook Janet Godin Diebel @carmasussex – Throwback to kitten Champ

You know, while still looking adorable during photo shoots!

Photo: @carmasussex

With his new lease on life, it seems the horizon is full of beautiful possibilities for this special boy <3

Photo: @carmasussex ~ Champ’s outdoor adventure June of 2018


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