Meet Gringo: A Super Cool Cat With A Proper Moustache

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There’s no denying that cats have some pretty cool markings. From those Siamese seal points to the swirls and stripes of beloved tabbies, each cat is special and unique in their own way. For one British Shorthair cat named Gringo, he’s got the perfect little cat moustache for you to fall in love with.

Big sparkly eyes, a chocolate coat, and that signature smile that Brit cats rock, Gringo is effortlessly charming.

Gringo the cat

The nearly two-year-old kitty loves to pose for the camera. The natural “meowdel” isn’t letting his new-found fame get to his head. He’s known for being sweet and is happiest to pass the time in the presence of his cat mom and dad, Sabrine and Romain.

Gringo the cat

According to Bored Panda, Gringo is “a happy kitty, full of life and with a really nice personality. He loves to play all day and all night, get up to mischief like climbing on curtains, scratching the couch and jumping in the plants.”

Gringo the cat

Gringo loves to turn on his charm, switching between sophisticated kitty and frisky feline…

Gringo the cat

The moustache cutie cat also likes to pass the time hanging out with his sister from another mister, a pretty rescue kitty named Milko.gringo the cat

It seems that Gringo is great at channeling his inner meerkat, and can even hold the position like a pro. His mom Sabrine says that: “he can stay a couple of minutes in that position, and it’s hilarious.”

Gringo as a wee oh-so-stinking-cute kitten…

Gringo the cat

In addition to that cute moustache, Gringo’s large and expressive eyes definitely suck you right in. His humans report that he likes to know what they’re doing when they’re doing it, and is as curious as ever. This is a kitty that knows how to micromanage—when he isn’t busy sneaking off with the kitchen sponge!

Gringo the cat

Can’t get enough of this dapper little dude? Follow Gringo here on Instagram to fill your feed with his purrfect little moustache face.

All Images Courtesy of Gringo Moustache Cat on Instagram

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