Sometimes We Just Need Adorable Kitten Photos To Brighten Our Mood

Adopt, Don’t Shop!

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With the sad losses in the cat world recently, I have come to the realization that we ALL need some extra smiles. And what better to bring those smiles to our faces than a bunch of adorable kitten photos?!

Our friend and bottle baby mentor, Jen “Fortheanimals” Tate, always has a plethora of kittens in her foster care. Sadly, they were ALL rescued from the streets or from life threatening situations. But with her, their lives have bright futures now! And you can truly see the love radiating from her foster kittens faces. 


You see, Jen is not only the Co-Founder at Urgent Cats of Tampa Bay. She is also a powerhouse behind the scenes! Outside of her full time job, she is a volunteer, foster, foster coordinator, and board member at St. Francis Society Animal Rescue. I know I do NOT speak for myself when I say without her, we would all be lost!

Jen and her equally ameowzing husband Chris with two of their most recent “foster fails” Sailor and Paddington.
(L to R) Cat Man Chris Poole, Jen Fortheanimals Tate and JessiCAT

But seeing the adorable kitten photos reminds us all that each life is worth saving–and loving wholeheartedly! 

I will preface this by saying that Jen would likely give this up forever if she could.

That’s because, although these kittens are utterly captivating, there are dozens more that didn’t make it off the streets. So she’s a voice for the voiceless; supporting TNR, spay/neuter and adoption. Stopping the unchecked reproduction cycles of the felines of Tampa is ALL of our goals!


These kittens were extremely lucky to have fallen into her lap–literally! Seems to be comfy because they keep settling there. And luckily for all of us, Jen always has her phone for quick pics. 

And Jen seems to have the knack for taking adorable kitten photos with the purrcision timing. 


These sweet kittens don’t just get to look adorable in photos, they are learning important life lessons on how to “cat”.

Jen’s got some pretty amazing feline friends who help out too. They’ve all overcome their obstacles in life and now can show the mini fuzzy butts the way!


So if you are in the Tampa area and NEED an adorable kitten in your life–not just their photo–Jen’s got your next family member!

Be sure to follow her on Facebook and on Instagram @jenzfosterkittens.

You can also visit the St. Francis Society Animal Rescue page to see ALL the cute cats and kittens they have up for adoption. 

Or if you just need a smile, Jen’s got plenty of heartwarming floofy felines for you to gaze upon. Look at just a FEW of these Happy Tail Ending adoption photos from her foster kittens!!!


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