The Stray Cat Who Wandered Into The 1947 St. Louis Cat Show Winner’s Circle

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Social media in this decade, certainly offers us unlimited access to the past. Thankfully in the bright corners of the internet, there are countless feel-good tales. And when these heartwarming stories are shared near and far for years after, they will truly never by forgotten. We’d never even know most of these random historical events existed, if not for this open online invitation. So when a stray cat wandered into the 1947 St. Louis Cat Show, thankfully it was front page news worthy. 

Especially since that random stray cat made it to the winner’s circle of the cat show! 

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch recalled the famous incident on their website. If only everyday had an archived cat story!? Here’s what I love the most about this story though. And it’s the most humorous part. Not only was the stray cat welcomed at the event, he won awards! 

Each day we bring you a look back at an article from the archives of the Post-Dispatch. The Nov. 17, 1947, front page contained this gem. 

Hotel hostess Marcella Duffy holds an alley cat that wandered into the Greater St. Louis Cat Show and walked away with two prizes in November, 1947. The cat was given the name “Mr. Silver.”

The article explains just how Mr. Silver–probably should have been gold!–entered the competition.

It began like many other cat shows (cough cough exploiting designer cats). But fate happily recognized the best breed–rescued!

An alley cat that wandered into the Hamilton Hotel at 956 Hamilton Avenue, two days before the Greater St. Louis Cat Club Show was to be held there. [It] won first prize in the “best color for kittens class” and first prize in the “non-champion class” at the show yesterday.

The cat, a male maltese, was adopted by Miss Marcella Duffy, hostess at the hotel, and named Mr. Silver.

It sought refuge from a rainstorm early Thursday morning, Miss Duffy said, and apparently liked the hotel so well that it stayed on until the Greater St. Louis Cat Club show and the Central States Solid Color Club cat show opened Saturday.


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