Why Do These Sleeping Cats And Kittens Make Every Sad Moment In Animal Rescue Worth It?

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I will admit, I’m a bit biased here. The cats and kittens that live at Purrfect Cat Rescue, Inc in Crystal Lake, Illinois hold a special place in my heart. Not only is it located in my home county, it was begun by people who quickly became family to us. We were there to listen to their passionate ideas and goals of opening a cage-free shelter. Cat Man Chris Poole proudly stood alongside the 2 amazing women spearheading the mission. And none of them shied away from donning fancy hazmat suits for a hoarding rescue! It was months (if not years!) of hard work, mounds of paperwork and battling. It was a mission in itself to find just the right physical location to bring their dream to fruition. In early 2018, every obstacle, success, happy or sad moment it took to get to the finish line, paid off. 

And each sad moment one of the rescued felines went through, could now peacefully be forgotten.

It was the actions of the heroic sister duo of Deb Meckl Parquette and Diane Meckl Harris. Granted they are the first ones to humbly argue that they could never have done this alone. But their passion for saving animals is contagious. Although sometimes, it does get itchy when fleas can’t be avoided! 

Chris, Deb and Diane (clockwise from top)

So now, here we are. It’s been about a year and a half for the shelter, and each day is a blessing for them. 

They knew that by having a cage-free environment for the felines would be the most beneficial for everyone. The cats aren’t terrified being locked up. They can explore safely and enjoy the enrichment that “litters” the shelter. And it’s everywhere!

Richie ?
Red ?
Toonie ?
Mama ?

So while the furry babes wait for their forever families, they can enjoy the company of those that visit the shelter. And they have many watchful and loving eyes to pass the time with, don’t worry!

To make sure they don’t have to have another sad moment again, Purrfect Cat Rescue, Inc. happily provide tons of fun for the felines! 

And it’s not only for the benefit–or entertainment–of the deserving kitties. There’s yoga with cats to stretch out any tired or sore muscles after a long nap.

“Feline” hungry? The ladies know the fastest way into peoples hearts–the stomach. That is, if for SOME reason the sweetest little cat faces ever don’t do the trick! 


We personally attended a wonderfully fun painting fundraiser in March of 2018 and shared our skills (?) with a paintbrush. 

They have pool parties…

And they even have kitty Bingo! 

So for any of you out there that may ask why animal rescuers work until their last nerve is fried and their sad moments take over. Here’s why. 

Their Facebook post was one of the first things I saw today and it made my day, no matter what else happens. 

Purrfect Cat Rescue Inc. Always feel thankful to be doing what we are doing… but it’s moments like these… when I stood back as I was leaving the shelter tonight and they are tucked in, safe, and loved that I truly feel blessed to have these precious kitties in our lives. ❤️

Tiger Lily ?
Spot ?
S’more ?
Rosie ?
Louie ?
Donovan ?
Lucy ?
Crookie ?
Boots ?
Pumpkin ?

If any of these purrfect feline faces tugged on your heartstrings, please stop by and meet them! One–or more–of them just may be your happy ending! For the rest of us who don’t live near them, be sure to follow their heartwarming stories on social media.

Support your local no-kill shelters and you will be the reason a cat out there can sleep peacefully at night. Until 3:00 am that is, when the zoomies kick in!!! 

“You can’t look at a sleeping cat and be tense.” Jane Pauley


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