The Newest “Threat” To The Cat Cafe: Fox TV’s Lovable Dog From Family Guy, Brian Griffin

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When I first saw previews of last week’s new episode of Family Guy on Fox TV, I knew it would be ridiculous. And I love that stuff. I don’t get easily offended by the things animated shows say–or do–for shock value. Happily, I can laugh with most of them. But no, that doesn’t make any of us that laugh at them bad people. When these things pop up on TV, YouTube or blockbuster movies, I try to look at it like in a positive way. They say “all press is good press” right?! So in this case, people may have just learned cat cafe’s are a “thing”. 

But then there’s the opinion of Brian Griffin, the walking, talking, smoking and all around “human” canine of the Griffin family. Angered at his natural enemy invading his turf, he decides to take down the newly erected cat cafe. No question, I had to watch the shenanigans! WARNING. Those of you who can’t take all the crossing-the-line jokes…I did this story for you to highlight the cats. =)

If you are fan of the show Family Guy, you may not be too surprised at who owns the cat cafe. 

It’s Glenn Quagmire! And this isn’t the first time the animators have shown his affection for felines. 

Quagmire has been shown to be extremely affectionate towards animals, specifically a cat he named James in the episode titled 420. Quagmire came across as obsessive about his new pet, making his friends sign a birthday card for his cat.

So after his friends Peter, Cleveland and Joe realize they’ve not seen him in a while, he let’s them in on what’s been keeping him busy. And it’s not the normal parade of woman he’s trying to fill the hole in his heart with.  It’s his new best girl, Albertine. Not only does he wear his heart on his sleeve when it comes to her. He wears her in a baby sling on his chest!

But his decent further into crazy cat man madness is rewarded when he announces his new business venture to them.

His friends are happy to support him in his venture. Peter even brings what he believes to be the perfect gift for a cat lover. It’s a XXL Minnie Mouse sweatshirt which he figured someone with 73 cats should have.

It’s his purride and joy, and just what the town of Quahog needed; a cat cafe. 

He proudly shares his love of felines to his friends and customers. But there is one “person” who isn’t very thrilled at cats encroaching on his town. When Brian realizes that the new cat cafe is right next to his favorite bar, he vows to shut them down.

**Yes, he drinks too if you are unfamiliar with Family Guy. Think of it like a constant test to see how far a TV show can push the limits of humor. Considering it’s on it’s 18th season, I’m clearly not the only one who can find the humor in it! 

So Brian begins protesting and recruits maniacal infant Stewie Griffin to help in his justly (?) cause.

But when it works, and Brian succeeds in shutting down the cat cafe, the battle isn’t over. 

And for poor Glenn and his too big of a heart for cats, brings the cafe’s felines to live with him. Instant hoard. Sadly, this isn’t far off from what happens in reality when shelters and rescuers don’t have funding. No one wants the animals to die but there is no money or shelter for them to survive. This is literally people’s reality.

Brian finally sees that for Glenn, bringing good into the world through the cat cafe was going to be his legacy. 

And while it doesn’t end well for the cats in this Family Guy episode, our reality can be different.

These local cat cafes that have been popping up all over the world the last few years are doing a service. The animals can live in a cage-free environment where they can slowly allow their personalities to shine. When cats are happy and calm, people can see them for their true selves, welcoming them into their family. 

If the jokes on the show make you cringe or you won’t even watch the debauchery, remember one thing. That is a whole new world of people who may not have known about cat cafes and the good they do! 

And it goes without saying. No Dogs Allowed!


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