Groom Surprises His Bride With The “Purrfect” Gift At Their First Look Wedding Photo Shoot!

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If you ever needed a reminder that true love exists, all you need to do is look at these images. They are the result of a well-planned, purrfectly executed surprise from a wonderful man to his soon-to-be wife. The couple had scheduled a photographer for their big day and included a “first look” photo shoot.

These are done prior to the ceremony, so the bride and groom can see each other privately beforehand. Perhaps it eliminates the nervous jitters for some that come with walking down the aisle. Others use it as a much needed silly moment for themselves on their special, but stressful, day. And cat lovers know there is something VERY special about the calming effects of felines. 

So when planning for their first look wedding photos, this groom knew just how to show the depth of his love to his gorgeous bride.

It just happened to come in a tiny calico package. 

But the story is more than just a cute kitten being included in a wedding shoot. Don’t get me wrong. I’m ALL for it, IF the cats aren’t just being used as props. If a couple has discussed growing their fur-family prior to their big day, then it’s not a shock that may backfire. And for Orion Metheny, (he hoped!) he knew exactly how his fiancee Kaylee Schmidt would react. Thankfully his bet paid off.

And when his carefully and thoughtfully devised plan was carried out with smiles and happy tears, everyone knew it was meant to be. Their wedding photographers, Megan and Josh at Wild and Wonderful Photography, who just happen to be a husband and wife duo too, were thrilled when they learned of Orion’s idea.

“Oh my gosh you guys! When Orion texted me to tell me his plan, I was at work and I squealed, but I had to keep my composure in front of my patients, haha! This was the hardest secret to keep from Kaylee!!”, Photographer Megan (whose “day job” happens to be as an amazing registered nurse) posted.

But why was Orion’s plan of including a kitten in their first look photo shoot different than others who include animals? 

Well, here’s the backstory shared online. This alone shows the depths of his love for Kaylee. We should all be so lucky!

Kaylee and Orion purchased their first home together just a few months ago. While Orion wasn’t the biggest fan of indoor pets, Kaylee was an avid cat lover. [She] couldn’t imagine leaving her family cat when she moved to her new home with Orion.

(**Kaylee’s original cat, Nala, is at her parent’s house and is the family cat! Orion did not make her leave her! Nala was a rescue as well and is her family’s cat. She is still happy and healthy in her original home.)

Orion had a change of heart and went to go adopt a new kitten at the shelter to surprise her with at the wedding, because she would definitely not be expecting it.

But his plan did have a MAJOR hiccup in it’s early stages.

When Orion went to adopt a kitten at a local shelter, his application was rejected! I do have to say that I applaud the shelter’s strict policies for adoption. Perhaps they need to review each case on a more personal level? Regardless, fate wasn’t going to stand by without interjecting. As with many other cases, when the time is right, the cat meant for you will find YOU.  

When the shelter turned him down because he mentioned giving it as a wedding present, it was fate that two abandoned kittens were found near his home!

Orion coordinated it so that his Great Grandma Jean–who happens to be 92 years young–cared for the newest family member before the wedding. The sweet woman kept the kitten at her home for a week to hide the surprise from Kaylee. How adorable is that!? And no, I wish I had a photo of her and the kitten together, but alas, I do not.

Seeing these types of first look photographs is like witnessing a miracle though.

When moments like these are captured on film, the true love radiating from the faces–human or not–is inspiring. It makes you WANT to believe in love, in the good of people and in the unconditional love of family and animals. If it doesn’t, feel free to keep looking at them until your heart thaws! 

They set up the shoot with Kaylee facing away from Orion’s direction. Her stunning lace gown and veil trailed delicately behind her.

Orion slowly walks to his waiting bride, overwhelmed with her beauty and the fluffy surprise he holds in his hands. Only they will know what he whispered to the unsuspecting kitten during their journey.  

As Kaylee turned, the sweet shock can be seen through foggy, watery eyes.

And as they all gaze at each other lovingly, a tiny purple heart name tag falls from the collar of their now named fur-baby, Chloe. 

An exciting new life is about to begin for all of them…together


So after the touching moments shown through their first look images, the photographers were proud to post them on their Facebook page.

Thank you to the newlyweds for sharing their honest, private and heartwarming moments with the world. Clearly their overflowing hearts have plenty of space to love all animals.

We would love to encourage you to advocate for shelter kitties and puppies, by adopting one yourself or making a donation to your local shelter in Chloe the Calico’s name!! She would sure appreciate it 🙂

And don’t worry about the second little stray kitten saved that day too. Although, it wasn’t part of a viral first look photo shoot, it has a wonderful life ahead of it too. 

The second kitty also has a home! No one left the other one! It is also happy and healthy with a very sweet family!

Congratulations to the happy couple and their growing family!

All Images from Facebook / Wild and Wonderful Photography


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