Meet Atchoum: The Adorable Feline “Werewolf”

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This 9lb Persian cat cutie who is “hairy not scary” looks as if he’s always just rolled out of bed. Plus, this time of year he’s always ready for Halloween! Atchoum the cat of Quebec, Canada, is a six-year-old feline. He captured the attention of countless people on social media after his human first shared his photos online. And given these images, it’s easy to see why!

Atchoum is special for many reasons, and one of the most obvious is due in part to his crazy and purrfectly messy fur.

The kitty was diagnosed from a young age with feline congenital hypertrichosis, AKA “werewolf syndrome”.

With claws and fur that never stops growing, he lives with this condition. Thankfully though, he does not suffer from it. His human had him declawed to help with his nails, as this was for medical necessity and improved his quality of life. Congenital hypertrichosis in felines causes fast and continual hair growth of the claws and hair. So it’s a good thing he has a devoted cat mom who always makes sure he looks his furry best!

And in case you’re wondering what his name means, Atchoum is the French equivalent for Ah-choo, Atchoo or Achoo (like the sound a person makes when they sneeze).

Atchoum as a kitten

Read in his mom’s own words the story of this adorable werewolf kitty according to his website,

My life began like a normal Persian male kitten born on May 10, 2014, but things quickly changed. I was given as a gift to a veterinarian in Repentigny, Quebec, Canada, where my mom, Nathalie works as a groomer. She took me home for a weekend and fell in love with me (no surprise there!). [Then] she asked the veterinarian if she could adopt me since I was so adorable. She agreed and I found my forever home with two humans, two children and three other cats.

>Clearly someone is ready for Halloween!

Soon after being adopted it was discovered I have a very rare congenital condition called hypertrichosis (also known as werewolf syndrome).

It’s less scary than it sounds. It means I have a hormonal condition that causes fast and continual hair growth and the thickening of my claws. My claws were growing so large and fast, it was unsafe and I had to be declawed. I also have tiny teeth but that doesn’t stop me from eating well.  I’m well cared for by a veterinarian who will monitor my health. Since I am the only cat known to have this condition, is unknown how it will progress. Life is good. I feel good and I believe we need to enjoy every day.

Such a purrfect gentleman!

It’s a good thing my mom is a groomer because my crazy long hairs on my face are thick like a dog. She doesn’t over groom me, since she likes my mad scientist look! She created my Facebook page as a bet with her daughter who thought we would never reach 100 likes!

Atchoum even got the attention of Ellen, just look at him hanging out during a live recording along with Oreo the cat….

Although he’s loved by many, his mom loves him more than anything in the whole wide world. So much so, that her phone is filled with pictures of her beloved Atchoum, and she claims that it “purrs” instead of vibrating—aww! ?

Can’t get enough of this adorable hairy not scary werewolf kitty? Follow Atchoum on social media for his latest pics and updates! You can find him on Facebook here or on Instagram here.

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Photo courtesy of Tabatha Norton / @RescueLogan

All Images Courtesy of Atchoum the Cat on Instagram


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