Scared Cat Makes Amazing Recovery And Is Ready For A New Home

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When a compassionate animal lover first spotted a scared cat, there wasn’t a lot of hope for the cat’s survival. Later named Geronimo, the seemingly stray cat was extremely skinny and weak. Injuries covered his body, his fur was falling out, and he was terrified of everything. It took time and a lot of care, but this brave baby fought hard for a better life. 

Geronimo was first reported to the Okanagan Humane Society in British Columbia in May 2019.

It was clear the cat needed help, but catching him was the first challenge. After being on his own and struggling to survive, the injured cat didn’t trust humans. He was trying to protect himself and wouldn’t let rescuers get too close.

scared cat

Determined to help, OHS offered tips and tools to humanely trap the scared cat. With time and patience, their methods worked. Geronimo was safe, but he was still scared.

His fear and pain caused his body to shut down. He could barely eat or move.

Knowing Geronimo needed immediate help, his rescuers rushed him to Alpine Pet Hospital. An examination showed the stray cat had likely been on his own for a long time. He was incredibly malnourished, and he had deep cuts on his head and body. Vets suspect those injuries happened while Geronimo fought off wildlife. New cuts covered up old scars, and the cat’s eyes were severely infected. There was barely an inch on Geronimo’s little body that wasn’t in pain.

scared cat

Geronimo’s chances of survival were low. He seemed depressed, and with no fighting spirit, there was no guarantee veterinary attention could save him. But despite the odds, rescuers didn’t give up. They committed to giving Geronimo the best chance at a better life. It started with transferring him to a foster home. Geronimo’s foster family knew the scared cat needed time and space to heal. They gave him a warm place to sleep, plenty of food, and a quiet place to heal.

Overwhelming him wouldn’t help, and they let the homeless cat settle in on his own.

Along with quiet TLC, Geronimo also received regular antibiotics, pain medication, and eye drops. Day by day, the scared, listless cat got a little stronger. He started moving around and looking at his surroundings. His cuts started to heal, and his fur grew back. Eventually, he had two eye surgeries to correct entropian eyelids.

It took many months, but there was no time limit on Geronimo’s healing. His rescuers didn’t rush his progress and didn’t expect him to recover overnight. As his physical injuries disappeared, his emotional health also seemed to improve. He was no longer depressed or scared. He started showing his sweet personality and his natural good looks.

Five months later, he looks like a completely different cat.

Geronimo’s recovery was only possible because someone took the time to care about his pain. He would not have recovered if it wasn’t for the love and attention of volunteers and a safe space to heal in a foster home. A lot of people had to come together to make this rescue happen, and looking at Geronimo now, it’s clear it was worth every ounce of effort.

Now that his injuries are healed, Geronimo is officially looking for his forever family. He’s estimated to be around seven years old, and he’s looking for a quiet home to live out the rest of his days. If you’re interested in meeting this sweet cat, contact Okanagan Humane Society.

All images via Facebook/Okanagan Humane Society


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