Exactly What You Always Wanted & Never Needed: A Tiny Tent Made Just For Cats!

When I searched online for “best season to go camping”, I quickly learned that the answer to that was not an easy one. Some like the Spring for the newly blooming flowers and plants. Others prefer Fall, when the leaves begin to change and nature provides a breathtaking backdrop for your adventures. You can camp out in the woods, the mountains and even at the beach. Then there are those that wouldn’t be caught dead sleeping in a tent–no matter the size, location or season.

Lastly, there are the “glampers”. These are the “Glamorous Campers” that bring so many electronics and creature comforts you wonder why they didn’t just stay home and open a window. But what if there was an adorable tiny tent that you could use to bring your most precious “creature comforts” with you camping?

Photo of “Glamping”

By “creature comforts” I mean your cherished family cat. It’s a tiny tent for your cat. 

Now you can easily buy just that–should your feline choose to accompany you outdoors. Even if they aren’t the type to enjoy the feel of nature between their toe floof, the tent is ideal for indoor stay-cations. Those are “stay-at-home vacations” for those of you who’ve not experienced their glory yet. The mini tent was actually created and is marketed for indoor use.

The creators were thinking ahead though, knowing they needed to make their cat product stand up to any elements. Not to mention material tough enough to resist claw punctures. Remember Paws Need Claws! So they put their adorably tiny tent to the test.

We had an expert team of stray and domesticated cats personally test over 20 small model tents to find the best tent accommodation. With their unique insight and feedback, we researched and evaluated dozens of characteristics to find the perfect camping tent for them.

The research ranked each Cat Tent on its ease-of-setup, comfort, weather durability, liveability and specific cat tastes.

With the help of some leading outdoor engineers, we then crafted the best lightweight Cat Tent – and wanted to share it with the world. The weave is too tight for the cats to get their claws into and the fabric is very easy to clean.

And with that, Cat Camp, “The teeny tiny tent for indoor cats” was gifted to the fluffy felines of the United States.

More than once I’ve asked employees in sporting goods stores where I could get one of the tiny display tents. Had I only known!? We’ve even spent time in the kids section looking at play tents. We tried pop-up tents and anything else that would double for something as cute. But nothing was quite right for a 10-pound cat, or 4 of them. 

The generic pop up tents for kids were destroyed by our crazy feline overlords. Quickly.

Photo property of Cole & Marmalade; House Panther Cole stalking from deep within the fabric jungle.

However the Cat Camp tent boasts a sturdy design and materials. Enough to compare them to actual full size tents made with the same products. 

Cat Camp designs its Cat Tents with a focus on quality, camping integrity and kitty coziness. Just like the mini display tents in outdoor shops. We use all the same materials you would find in a normal tent.

All making sure that your cat doesn’t miss out on any of the features of a real tent and home comforts.

  • Size: The Cat Tent is approximately 21.5″ wide x 21.5″ long x 14.0″ tall. This has been designed by Cat Camp to accommodate most domesticated and even stray cats.
  • Entrance: The front of the Cat Tent has a side-zipped entrance. We also have an option for crafty cats to open a secret catch at the rear.
  • Materials: Cat Camp uses a durable and high-quality custom material consistent with modern tent materials.
  • Microfiber fleece: The inside of the tent is layered with a fluffy microfiber pad that keeps your cat comfy, and can be easily removed for cleaning.
  • Weather cover: The designers at Cat Camp know that sometimes the elements can change in an instant, so each Cat Tent comes with a durable heavy weather cover.

We don’t own any of these (YET), but from the happy kitty faces seen on numerous Instagram accounts, they seem to be apurroved. 

Do you have one for your mini house panther?

Meowby two or three camping “sites” around your property?

How about another pet that may enjoy a bit of rest and relaxation?

Here is the companies lead purroduct tester, Ziggy, also with her tent in cartoon form!

She seems happy to test out each one thoroughly too. Rough job sister. HAHA

They are pretty purrfect for outdoor use in the right and safe environment. Notice the harness/leash? =)

Image @leonadventurecat

So what do you think? Do you have one and can confirm it’s ameowzing?

Is this is good idea so cats can enjoy the outdoors safely? Too “glampy” or totally worth it? Or should it ONLY be used indoors? Simply because it’s so darn cute that we need it within photo shoot range? That last one would be my choice.

Images from Cat Camp – The Mini Indoor Tent for Cats


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  1. Mini tents looks purrfect for my busy baby or the old man (2 of course) they are tolerant but not cost buddies. I will check these out. Thanks

  2. We have had one of these for about 5 years and the kitters love it. The old guy spends most of the day sleeping in it out in their screen house shangri-la. If he’s not in it Mieujhur is.

  3. I also had this idea of tents for cats. All are too big for indoors.
    So happy someone did this. I’m ready to buy.

  4. I love the cat tents. I would like one for my outdoor cats in winter. Do you have one that 2-3 cats can sleep jnyigether during the cold weather? Cost! Thanks, Jimmie Jenkins

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