Missing Cat At Dulles Airport Could Be Anywhere, But His Mom Won’t Give Up

It seems even the highest-ranking airlines aren’t immune to trouble when it comes to transporting pets. Lufthansa, a German-based airline, was recently ranked one of Europe’s best airlines. But enhanced leg room didn’t help a cat named Milo. His plans to make a safe journey from Germany to Washington D.C. haven’t turned out how they expected. The cute tabby cat is currently missing, after escaping in the airport. Now, social media is spreading the word to help bring the missing cat home.

I flew home after 4 years stationed in Germany last night only to lose my cat, Milo, at Dulles airport, D.C., somewhere…

Posted by Molly Jean on Friday, October 4, 2019

A woman identified on Facebook as Molly Jean posted her plight. It was after a long flight into Dulles Airport that she learned that her cat was missing. The woman wrote that she was returning home after being “stationed” in Germany for four years. She (of course) brought her beloved cat with her. But now she’s worried about Milo’s safety.

That was on October 4, and Milo still hasn’t been found.

The missing cat was reportedly lost somewhere during transport between the airport gate and baggage claim.

He was likely scared and somehow exited his carrier to run for cover. Both Lufthansa and airport staff have been looking for the sly escapee. But so far, Milo is still missing.

Molly Jean is unable to search the airport herself. So she is working closely with airport officials to ensure his safety. It’s likely the missing cat is still hiding somewhere near the tarmac. The Lufthansa management team has reportedly been working hard to reunite Milo with his family. And everyone wants to make sure he isn’t forgotten.

But what if Milo is outside the airport near the tarmac? He could eventually make his way off airport grounds. Milo’s mom created the hashtag, #MiloIsMissing. She is encouraging everyone on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to share information about Milo.

The more people who know he’s missing, the better his chances are of coming home!

As of a few hours ago, Molly shared this update on her Facebook post

Hey all- update. We were able to get a tracking dog from Puregold Pet Trackers at the airport last night to narrow down some possible locations he might be and, Dulles employees will set up some humane traps with food and water in those areas.

Hopefully he’s getting hungrier and we can lure him out of hiding – it doesn’t seem like he traveled far from when he escaped. Thanks so much to everyone for the thoughts, prayers, advice, and contacts. I’ll keep you all updated, I’m really really hoping to get him back soon.

Share Milo’s story to help bring this missing cat home!


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  1. We (Where Is Jack?) are working with Milo’s FurMom to secure him. Last night’s K9 track by Pure Gold Pet Trackers has greatly narrowed the search area to a remote part of the cargo management area. We have had excellent help from airport operations and the USDA employees who deal with wildlife on airport property. Now it is a matter of trapping Milo safely. Prayers and all paws crossed!!!

    • I am so glad the owner is working with you Bonnie! I suggested they contact you, but perhaps they already had.

      Isn’t there any kind of security camera set up in the area he escaped? Was it a broken carrier situation or was he removed for some reason?

  2. My prayers are with you and your family hopefully he’ll be back asap please god help him be found safe and happy I have 6 cats if this was me I be dieng please keep iu posted there are no words to say I can’t even imagine what you are going through 😭😿

  3. I’m so sorry this happened! Beat of luck finding him! Won’t they let you in these areas? If you called him he might respond or come out!

  4. in our clinic, we always recommended that the cat be in the cabin with the owner. If that was impossible we recommended that you find a way to lock the cage. It’s a bit of a risk if your pet is diverted to another airport by mistake, but it stops workers from opening the cage to pet the cat, and having the cat rocket past them to who knows where…..In fact, we recommend that you NEVER put a pet in cargo…it’s freezing, and some pets have suffocated when the cages air holes were blocked by other baggage…unusual, but it happens! Worth it to drive cross country/take a ship…

  5. If you’re not allowed to go into the secure areas to call out to Milo, try recording your voice calling for him and perhaps a USDA employee can play the recording from their cell so he can hear your voice. Seems like they could allow you to go there under escort though especially since they’ve narrowed down the area with Pet Trackers.

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