Tiny Kitten Rescued From Tree Is Now An Official ‘Fire Cat’

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Rescuing cats from trees is all in a day’s work for a dedicated firefighter. And when firefighter Jourdan Mazur of the Berthoud Fire Protection District heard the sound of a distressed kitten, he knew he had to check it out. Mazur followed the desperate meows to a tree across the street from the fire station. About 15 feet off the ground, he spotted a tiny black kitten clinging to the branches. That kitten is now the community’s official fire cat. 

Knowing the kitten needed help, Mazur and fellow firefighter Christopher Robinson jumped into action. They used a ladder to reach the terrified kitten and safely carried her back to the ground. The kitten was thin and weak, but she was safe.

The next step for Mazur was to figure out what to do with the scared kitten.

Posted by Berthoud Fire Protection District on Wednesday, September 4, 2019

The firefighters brought the kitten back to the station and introduced her to the department’s education specialist and spokesperson, May Soricelli. In an incredible coincidence, Soricelli admitted that her four-year-old daughter had recently finished her Christmas list to Santa, and she wished for a “fire cat.”

Soricelli wasn’t exactly sure what a fire cat was, but she decided for herself the second she saw the tiny ball in Mazur’s hands. The kitten needed a home, and adoption seemed the obvious answer. But before she could bring the kitten home, Soricelli wanted the baby to be seen by a vet. The vet guessed her age to be about 5 weeks, and she barely weighed one pound.

It was obvious the kitten was a stray, and it’s still a mystery how such a tiny kitten could end up so high in a tree. 

Posted by Berthoud Fire Protection District on Wednesday, September 4, 2019

But besides being a bit skinny, the kitten seemed to be in good health. Soricelli told Loveland Reporter-Herald,

“She’s full of life. She wants to climb up everything, every nook and cranny. She’s just so full of life.”

They decided to name the kitten Ember to keep with the firefighting theme. And along with being a family cat, little Ember has been given a big job.

True to her daughter’s wish, Soricelli has made Ember an official fire cat.

You all had some fantastic name guesses and suggestions for the kitten we recently rescued. We are impressed….

Posted by Berthoud Fire Protection District on Tuesday, September 10, 2019

As part of her fire cat duties, Ember will help spread information about fire safety. Soricelli hopes the cute kitten will resonate with children, and she’s thinking up a fire safety coloring book featuring the one and only Ember the fire cat. 

Ember’s job as fire cat only just started (and she has some growing to do before she works too hard), but the entire Berthoud Fire Protection family is happy to have her part of the team. This black cat is going to do great things!


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