Firefighters Pose For Photo Shoot After Rescuing Little Girls Cat Peppa; Found With Newborn Kittens!

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No matter our age, when we lose or misplace something beloved to us, it is upsetting. And when it’s one of our beloved animals who becomes “misplaced”, it’s terrifying too. The human and animal bond is an amazing thing. Whether you are experiencing it yourself, or watching the love blossom between another pair, it’s utterly heartwarming. Now imagine yourself a parent who has watched your little girl build that bond with a special feline. In this case, that is Regahn Hunter and her tortoiseshell cat, Peppa. *Swoon* But then Peppa went missing.

Luckily for cat Peppa, her human little girl could sleep easy after local firefighters helped pull her from a nearby storm drain.

There is no mention of how Peppa, seemingly complete with a well honed “tortitude”, manged to escape or if she is an indoor/outdoor cat. Making matters worse, she was also pregnant.

There is also no mention as to how she became pregnant. But as with kitten season every year, pregnant cats and kittens are sadly found around most corners. And Peppa was VERY pregnant. Because by the time the Hunter family discovered her refuge from the outside elements, she had a few surprises for them.

They found her hiding in the nearby storm drain, having just given birth! But they couldn’t see her well or reach her or her newborns. So they called in some experts who rushed right over.

Peppa’s tasked heroes were Opelika, Alabama firefighters Chuck Riddle, Tracey Johnson and Antavious Lipscomb.

The trio quickly went to work devising the fastest–and safest–way to retrieve the newborn kittens. Mom Peppa needed to be safely trapped also to ensure her new family would have the best chance of surviving the ordeal.

With rainstorms predicted to be on the way for the area that night, they raced against mother nature. They had no idea if the seemingly safe location would soon become a watery tomb for the helpless feline family. (Not to mention how creepy storm drains are again with It: Chapter Two coming out soon!!) 

Pennywise the Clown from Stephen King’s “It” (2017)

The motivated men set about to their task with precision–and no fear of clowns. 

Not long after, Peppa and her SIX new kittens were happily pulled from the storm drain!

After a quick once-over to confirm there were no visible injuries, the kittens were safely tucked away. And who could be ANY happier than young Regahn Hunter that her many cats were now home safe?! No one, that’s who.

To celebrate, she insisted on a quick photo shoot of her and the heroes. There was no way they were going to turn down this mini queen, clearly already running her world! (wink, wink)

We hope Peppa will be spayed as soon as possible and that they’re all safe and sound for their 9 lives! 

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