Even Sustaining Injuries To Face From Being Thrown Out Truck Window; Kitten Named Jaws Never Stops Purring

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Jaws is a sweet little kitten who just happened to have a rough start in life–a very rough start. On Thursday, July 11th, someone in a truck pulled up to the Petco on Cajalco in Corona, California. They opened the window and thoughtlessly tossed him out.

He fell through the bushes, landing on his face and dislocating his jaw–hence his name, Jaws. 

Fortunately, the store clerk saw what happened and rushed out to save the kitten. He then called Purrfect Fit Cat Rescue to lend a paw in saving this little guy. Their team of cat rescuers rushed over to help. 

Their vet confirmed the dislocated jaw but thankfully no other serious issues were found. He was clearly hungry, and not at all feral. They couldn’t imagine why someone would just toss him out a window.

So they scheduled Jaws for emergency surgery the next morning. He was given antibiotics and anti-inflammatory meds to begin to relieve some of his pain. Hopefully the surgery would reset his jaw into place easily. But when does “easy” happen in cat rescue?! Rarely.

The specialist said since he is so young the jaw may pop back out of place due to kitten play, etc. If this happens Jaws will basically have to have his jaw wired shut until he fully heals.

And during Jaws’s surgery, complications arose…repeatedly. 

The vet has reset his jaw but it keeps popping back out of place. She’s tried a few times but is afraid there maybe a hairline fracture in there that isn’t being seen.

The vet is going to take Jaws to see the specialist this coming Friday to see why his jaw won’t stay in place. As of now, his little jaw is still misaligned but only slightly and he can’t close his mouth because of the canines not lining up.

He’s being such a trooper though. He eats and plays well and is just over a pound so he’s likely around 6-7 weeks.

Thank you for all of the shares and donations. Every little bit helps whether it’s $1 or $10. If Jaws could thank you personally he would but for now we will have to just suffice with his happy purrs.

So while Jaws waited to see the specialist, he stayed with the vet and her family. 

Here is a video of Jaws playing with the vet’s husband (a card carrying cat daddy). Notice how he can’t ever shut his mouth. He is going to the specialist tomorrow morning. She said there are a few options and he will likely have to be tube fed for a week or two afterwards.


He spent that time snuggling and helping the doc with her paperwork. 

But at his appointment, what they found broke their hearts a bit more. 

The dental specialist saw him Friday and found an old fracture on his lower right jaw. That was likely inflicted prior to being tossed from the truck but it appears to be healing well.

At this time she does not recommend surgery due to the high rate of complications seen with tiny babies like him. Since he is gaining weight (a whopping 1.4 lbs today!) and functioning well, she recommends re-evaluating him when his adult teeth come in (at about 5 1/2 months of age) to see which corrective surgery will be needed

Bottom line, he’s doing well now but will need work in the future. He’s eating and playing well!!

However, during follow up visits, the doctors found something concerning.

And even knowing it wasn’t the update they wanted to share, Purrfect Fit Cat Rescue updated their supporters. 

Beth received some terrible news from Dr. De La Paz this afternoon. They’re taking the biopsy now and took some better x-rays of his jaw. It doesn’t look good.

She thinks it’s cancer.

She’s putting a STAT order on the biopsy. And we may have options if it turns out to truly be cancer. But for now the prognosis isn’t good. You know that I will do what’s best for him. And I’ll keep you updated while he recovers and AS SOON as the biopsy results come in.

Although I’ll always remain hopeful, right now I’m just really sad. He doesn’t deserve this.

As the universe sometimes does though, it balanced out his luck with some good news–finally! 

Just yesterday, they received the results of the biopsy done on Jaws. It was NON-CANCEROUS! 

Despite all these struggles, he remains happy, playful and an absolute sweetheart! He has a strong loud purr-motor and still enjoys sitting on the vet’s shoulder while she writes her notes at work and watches TV at home. He also enjoys sitting on the recliner and watching the vet’s cockatiels and chasing her older kitten and getting licked from head to toe by her rescue dog.

Overall he is doing well and the vet will continue to take care of him and make sure that whatever comes, he remains as happy and loved as possible.

So far, the specialist has been EXTREMELY  generous with her time and has greatly discounted her services. However, with all the x-rays that have been taken and the anesthetic biopsy, his bills have been between $600-800.

The previous fundraiser on Facebook raised $415. As that fundraiser has ended I would like to start another one to raise more money  for Jaws. He will soon be undergoing surgery to repair his dislocated jaw and neutering. He will need extensive aftercare once his jaw has been reset.

If you would like to help with their efforts to save Jaws–or any of the other dozens of cats in their care–please visit them HERE.


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