Tiny Kitten Surprises Everyone When She Overcomes Wounds From Dog Bites & Thrives!

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When the tiny 3-month-old ginger kitten arrived at the animal hospital, staff were shocked at what they saw. It was a young female kitten who’d been bitten by a dog on her head. They were baffled at how she was still alive! But the workers at the RSPCA’s Putney Animal Hospital refused to allow her to succumb to her injuries. And she surprised everyone again when she not only healed from the dog bites, but began thriving!

Now, little Zoey has come a long way from a head full of dog bites. 

She had been brought into the hospital by her former owners after being attacked. There is no information on how it happened, what occurred or what made the dog react. The owners did bring her in for medical attention, so it didn’t feel it was neglectful. Regardless, it happened. Thankfully they knew she’d be better in another home.

But now, this sweet little kitten was fighting for her life. 

“This poor kitten was close to death and in a bad way when she came into the care of the hospital,” said hospital administrator Joanne Elmes. “She was placed in an intensive care unit cage to recover. Pretty much all of her head, face and neck were affected so she must have been in a lot of pain.”

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The poor kitten had suffered a broken jaw and cheekbone, having to have her jaw wired shut. She had also been bleeding from one of her eyes. At only 3 months of age, she likely never even saw it coming. 

Our vets were very concerned and had to consider that it might be kinder to put her to sleep. ?

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They cleaned her up, wiping away the physical evidence of her traumatic event. But would she ever be able to recover mentally? Would the emotional scars of the attack traumatize her for life? 

Only time would tell. They named her Boudicca, and began the healing process.


??This is the utterly amazing Boudicca, our mini warrior kitten queen. ??? We weren’t hopeful that she would survive, this is her in her little ICU cage. She came into us three weeks ago with severe head injuries after being bitten by a dog and as such a tiny kitten the injuries looked too serious for her to recover from. ? Pretty much all of her head, face and neck were affected and she must have been in a lot of pain. Our vets were very concerned and had to consider that it might be kinder to put her to sleep. ? But somehow, after a lot of care…….. she pulled through! ? not only that, she doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of long term damage. ???‍♀️ Really amazing!!! Well done to the vets and nurses too! ?? We have lots of before and after pics of her to share so you can see what a miracle it is and how well she is now!! What a special kitten. Go Boudi! ??❤️??? #kittens #kitten #kittensofinstagram #kittens_of_instagram #kitten? #cat #catsofinstagram #cats #rspcarescue #rspca #vet #veterinarymedicine #animalrescue #cats_of_instagram #animalrescuer #animalhospital #vetnurses #veterinaryhospital ?

Posted by RSPCA Putney Animal Hospital on Wednesday, April 10, 2019

As the scars from the dog bites healed, so did her spirit. 

With the extensive care and expertise that Boudicca received, it was only a three weeks later that spirit began to truly shine! 

She is a great testament to the work of the RSPCA. She was completely wrecked when she came in. It’s unbelievable the damage she had and you wouldn’t know looking at her now, you wouldn’t think anything had happened to her.

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We were so worried she wouldn’t make it but then all of a sudden she started to get better and she was determined to run around the ward and just be a normal kitten.


So when the Drummond family first spotted Boudicca, she looked like just that–a normal kitten.

Taig and Angila Drummond and their children, 10-year-old Ava and 13-year-old Jaden were adding to their fur-family. And they knew she was a purrfect match. She was renamed Zoey and joined their family officially.

Literally as soon as we saw Zoey, we just fell in love with her straight away. After everything she has been through, I thought she would be timid and frail but she’s the opposite. 

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She’s very independent and completely fearless. She chases around our other cat and he’s probably about three times the size of her.

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Congratulations to Zoey and the Drummonds! Thank you to the hospital staff and all the RSPCA workers and volunteers who helped this little girl! They’re still baffled by her swift recovery but thrilled at the outcome.

Somehow, after a lot of care…….. she pulled through! ? Not only that, she doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of long term damage.

“It truly is amazing. She is such a special little survivor,” Ms Elmes added.

Screenshot: https://www.getsurrey.co.uk


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