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Bringing a new pet into your life is always an exciting time. We’ve compiled a list of pawsome astrological (and even astronomy!) names for pets in case you need any help deciding on one.

Check out this Astrological list below…







-Moon – Luna










And if you follow astrology and happen to know your new pet’s sign, why not give them a name that suits him or her purrfectly?! It’s only astrological!

Got an Aries Pet?

Well, an Aries is strong and bold, so why not give them a name to match? Here are some fun ideas we think are purrfect for that passionate Aries pet in your life:

  • Zeus
  • Achilles
  • Ram (this would be a tribute to the sign of the ram for Aries)
  • Mars (the ruling planet for Aries)
  • Red (in reference to the sign’s signature color)
  • Fire – Firecracker
  • Hank – Tank
  • Diesel

Got a Taurus Pet?

The Taurus is well-known for their stubborn and sometimes lazy nature, but they are  naturally well-received by others. Here are some fun Taurus zodiac related names for them…

  • Bull, to honor their zodiac symbol, or even Ferdinand like the adorable kids’ movie about a bull!
  • Pete or Petey — great bulldog or tabby cat name here, we all know they like to loaf around!
  • Bill or Billy, or even Billie for a Taurus female.
  • Venus, in reference to their ruling planet, or Vince sounds good, too!

Got a Gemini Pet?

The Gemini is one chatty and charismatic pet indeed. They love to light up a room and don’t mind being the star of the show, all eyes on them, human! Check out these fun astrological names for the Gemini pet in your life…

  • Star, just like the star that they are in your life! Astro even works, too!
  • Gem or Gemma, to play on the name of their zodiac sign
  • Chip – Chipper – Chips – Chippy 
  • Mercury (like their ruling planet)
  • Deuce – to reflect the split of their personality
  • Wednesday, the day of the week that is also ruled by Mercury

Got a Cancer Pet?

Your Cancer pet is calm, sweet and loves to be with their people–and they’re going to be attached to you at the hip! Here are some name ideas for them…

  • Bestie – Buddy – Bae
  • Chill – Chilly
  • Moonbeam – Moon – Luna – Lune (in honor of their ruling “planet”)
  • Blue – Mist – River – Rain – Sky (all in reference to their zodiac color for cancer)

Got a Leo Pet?

Your Leo pet is stoic, loyal, and a true leader by nature. They are also known for being a bit egocentric at times, though, and they don’t like being told what to do.

  • Lion – Lioness – Simba – Nala ( Or simply Leo in honor of the lion symbol of their zodiac sign)
  • Sun – Sunny – Sonny (In honor of their ruling “planet” the sun)
  • Thor – Odin – Apollo – Athena – Troy

Got a Virgo Pet?

Your Virgo pet is particular and specific about what they do and don’t like. These nice and neat pets need a purrfect name to match their style. Here’s our shortlist of Virgo pet names…

  • Princess – Queen – Prince – King – Lady – Duchess – Sir
  • Sherlock – Holmes – Nancy Drew – Perry Mason (honoring the curious, always searching mind of the Virgo personality)
  • Socrates – Aristotle – Emerson

Got a Libra Pet?

The Libra is a joy to be around, they have difficulty making decisions, and they’re great at getting what they want with their persuasive abilities. Here are some good name choices for your Libra pet to embrace their zodiac sign…

  • Roosevelt – Winston – Martin – Oprah
  • Judge – Justice (In reference to the Libra “scales” of their zodiac symbol)

Got a Scorpio Pet?

What is that going on in the curious and mysterious mind of the Scorpio? With both humans and animals, this is often one of the hardest zodiac signs to figure out. Here are some names for the Scorpio pet…

  • Mystery – Mystique – Clue – Enigma – Riddler
  • Midnight – Raven – Night – Coal (Each an ode to the Scorpio color of black)

Got a Sagittarius Pet?

The Sagittarius is one that loves the sun or the great outdoors, and they are active and agile. This a pet with a natural sense of curiosity that loves to explore. Here’s some pawsome astrological pet names for your Sagittarius four-legged friend…

  • Chase – Hunter – Seeker – Scout – Ranger – Katniss – Quest
  • Any state or city name is great, too, as these pets love to travel. Or maybe even choose: Jet, Trip, Escape, Vacay, or Fly

Got a Capricorn Pet?

This is a pet who works hard and enjoys it. They are focused, honest and intense. Here are some great names for your goat sign Capricorn pet…

  • Goat Billy – Nanny – Pan – Cabra – Cabrito (all referencing goat names in accordance to the goat symbol of the Capricorn zodiac sign)
  • Saturn (the ruling planet of Capricorn)

Got an Aquarius Pet?

Quirky yet allusive, an Aquarius pet is one of a kind. They bring you great joy, even if they are hard to figure out at times. But, hey, that’s just one of their winning qualities! Here are some quirky pet names for your cooky and crazy Aquarius pet…

  • Phoebe – Cosmo – Kramer — obviously a reference to two of the quirkiest TV characters of all time. (Phoebe Buffet (Lisa Kudrow) of Friends and Cosmo Kramer (Michael Richards) of Seinfeld.)
  • Shadow, Serene, Peace, Tranquility — all reference to this calm zodiac sign.

Got a Pisces Pet?

Oh, Pisces, what loving, intuitive and kind pets these are. Although they are as sweet and likeable as can be, they do get overly emotional and dramatic at times. Here’s some purrfect names for the Pisces pet in your life…

  • Fish – Pesce – Pez -Nemo -Guppy (Referencing this water sign with fish names could be a pawsome idea!)
  • Sweet Pea – Sweetie – Sweets – Lovebug – Sweetie Pie – Lovey (All an ode to these sweet and loving pets that thrive in that kind and loving energy that comes naturally to them.)

Do you have an astrological or mystical name for your pet? Share with us so we can add to the list! 


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