Cat Lady Clothes Gone Modern Thanks To Cat Fashionista Clothing Line!

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For us crazy cat ladies–and gents!–we are purrfectly proud to wear our love for cats right on our sleeves…literally! How many cat lady or cat man clothes do you have in your wardrobe right now? I know for myself I could easily say I have 10 shirts with some sort of cat motif to them. Because cat lady clothes speak straight to my heart!

Well, now we’re in luck if we’re trying to show our love for cats in ultimate style! Cat Fashionista is the “curator of cat couture” and they’re here to save us from the despair of frumpy cat lady clothes.

Read about their story below from their website,

Cat Fashionista is an online boutique and curator of cat couture for the modern cat lady who isn’t ashamed to wear that love on her vogue sleeve.

…And it all started with a cat named Kerpal.

Backing up about 15 years ago to a small apartment in Englewood, NJ, a stylish couple faced the dilemma many cat lovers face: finding cat furniture their feline loved and didn’t look hideous or waste unnecessary space. Unable to get their paws on such an anomaly, this couple decided to build it themselves. Thus, our sister store, The Refined Feline, was born. Hurray cat furniture with freaking style!

Now, from home to clothing, the makers of The Refined Feline are tackling another dilemma for the fashion-forward cat lover…

…Modern cat lady apparel and accessories for the chic and fiercely fashionable.

These women (that includes you, little cat lover) have been waiting for someone to get their act together and realize that cat lady fashion does not have to be an eyesore. That’s where Cat Fashionista strolls in.

We got you, girl!

We’re excited for you to sort through our furrocious collection and express your inner cat lady while looking smart, refined, and feline fierce.

Can you say #catfashionista?

Okay, so now on to the best part — all the PURRFECT cat lady clothes!! Tops, bottoms, dresses, jackets, pajamas, accessories, oh my!

What crazy cat lady doesn’t have a cat lady dress? Now you can show your love for cats in lovely prints that flow and make you look like a million bucks. Check out just a handful of Cat Fashionista’s gorgeous dresses below–but don’t forget to view them all on their site!

Want to be the cat’s pajamas? Now you can with these purrfect designs! Those cat naps have never felt as good as they did before these modern cat lady pj’s came along!

And you’re not a crazy cat lady without a cat lady blouse, right? Cat Fashionista has you covered with the latest and greatest in stylish cat lady trends:

Did anyone say accessories? Fancy Feast your eyes on these purrfect compliments to any ensemble!

My purrsonal favorite has gotta be this cat lady jacket! 😻😻😻

Curious if you yourself are, in fact, a cat fashionista? Here’s how the brilliant minds at Cat Fashionista see it…

Our friends at Hauspanther shared the news of Cat Fashionista with the world, and boy we’re glad they did! If you didn’t know, Hauspanther is the maker of amazing furniture for cats! Check out our Amazon favorites page with their lovely and functional cat furniture here.


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