Department Of Famous Feline Police Sergeant Recruits Rescued Stray Kitten For Child Abuse Therapy

Each day at the Mocksville Police Department in North Carolina is spent with a purrty special soul. Officers and co-workers get to pass the time with one famous feline–Sergeant Butterscotch–or Sarge Butters, as he’s more commonly known. Sarge came to the station as a stray kitten in 2018 and made quite the impression on the staff. Earning a spot on the team, he’s happy to help out any way he can. But on the morning of June 26th, a call came in that would affect them all.

A young stray kitten had been discovered on the side of a local road, something Sergeant Butters could relate to.

Photo: Facebook Sarge Butters

When a caring man spotted her on the side of I-40, he contacted Davie County Animal Control. An animal control officer was onsite when Chief Reagan arrived at the scene. Thankfully there were no additional kittens or obvious trauma to the tiny abandoned kitten. But the chief knew in his heart, there was more they needed to do for the little girl.

The entire Mocksville Police Department rallied together and decided to care for the kitten and find her a home. They rushed her to their local vet at Valley Animal Clinic. One serious concern was her delicate front right paw which was bent. They weren’t sure if it was broken or if she was born that way.

Photo: Facebook Sarge Butters

Happily, good news was received after the vet visit for her. The department was happy to share the pawsitive update on Sergeant Butters Facebook page. 

The vet feels VERY optimistic and we’ll be picking her up this afternoon. She received a clean bill of health and there were no broken bones: just a deformity. She was hungry/dirty but she’s going to be just fine! We will be fostering her back to health until we find a safe loving family for her.

Photo: Facebook Sarge Butters

While Sergeant Butters lives full time at the department, they wanted to find the new kitten a furever home of her own.

Photo: Facebook Sarge Butters

She will stay here as a part of the feline unit with #sargebutters until we can find her a home. We’re still thinking about names and looking for suggestions.

Photo: Facebook Sarge Butters

Now with the station open 24-hours a day, Sarge is never alone. He even has his favorite officers and workers, whose schedules he seems to know! So he’s quick to pounce on their laps for a snuggle or playtime.

Photo: Facebook Sarge Butters

But when the new kitten arrived for her temporary stay, he wasn’t so sure of the new pawfficer at first.

Apparently she ALSO liked laps!

Photo Jim Gilmore
Photo: Facebook Sarge Butters

The new gal would be staying in a foster home at night though since she is too young to be alone or “unmeownitored”. She was also still being weaned from the bottle onto solid foods.

Fortunately, Sarge is a sweetheart and it didn’t take too long for him to welcome the newest recruit daily. *Swoon*

Photo: Facebook Sarge Butters

The little girl still needed a name though! There were two names they were deciding between on the morning after her rescue. 

Good morning from day shift! She did very well last night and is eager to meet new friends and find her furever home. The finalist names have come down to two: Linxy or Moxie.

It was only a couple of hours later that the sweet street cat was officially named Pawfficer Moxie! 

For the next few days, Pawfficer Moxie and Sergeant Butters made themselves comfy at the station.

Photo: Facebook Sarge Butters

They both patiently waited for news of a forever home for Moxie. Even though Sarge was accepting of his new recruit now, they all wanted her to find loving parents. And as it often happens, little stray Moxie chose her own home.

Photo: Facebook Sarge Butters

On July 1st, Sarge Butters was happy to announce the important update. 

Thank you to everyone who inquired about adopting Pawfficer Moxie. We couldn’t bear to see her go too far, so Chief Reagan & his family have adopted her into their home!

Photo: Facebook Sarge Butters

Even though she wouldn’t be living at the station full time with Sarge, she’ll always be welcome. After all, they are her extended family. 

Photo: Facebook Sarge Butters ~ With her new pup sibling =)

Pawfficer Moxie will always be close by for playdates with our officers and Butters! [After naptime of course!]

Photo: Facebook Sarge Butters

Not only would Moxie get to stay within the Mocksville Police Department family, she’d be training for a very special new “pawsition”!

Mrs. Reagan brings an amazing contribution to the world and now Moxie would be HER new recruit. 

Pawfficer Moxie will fulfill her duties as a therapy cat assisting Mrs. Reagan at the Dragonfly House a children’s advocacy center here in Mocksville.

Photo: Facebook Sarge Butters

The Dragonfly House is a heart warming organization where Pawfficer Moxie’s unique story and adorable face will be of great benefit! 

The mission of The Dragonfly House Children’s Advocacy Center is to reduce the devastating long-term effects that child abuse has on children, their families and society through immediate, coordinated, child focused services, education, and advocacy.

Congrats to Sergeant Butters, Pawfficer Moxie, the entire staff at the Mocksville PD and everyone else involved in this special recruitment oppurrtunity!

Photo: Facebook Sarge Butters

We hope Pawfficer Moxie’s parents create social media accounts for her as well. We are certain people all over the world would love to see what an impact she has. But for now, be sure to follow Sarge Butters for updates on Moxie as well as his supurr adventures!

Photo: Facebook Sarge Butters


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