Cat Owner Charged With Two Misdemeanors For Allowing Cat To Sleep On Front Lawn

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We’ve heard a lot of crazy cat stories over the years, and this one is no different. For one cat owner out of Utah, she is demanding answers. It was after a neighbor snapped a photo of her cat, Milo, sleeping on her front lawn. In a surprise turn of events, Kate Anderson, the cat’s owner, was slapped with two misdemeanors from the city.

Milo the cat, fugitive at large

The feline normally has access to travel freely outdoors via his cat door. *Yes, we are fully aware this is going to bring up the “indoors vs outdoors” battle unfortunately. 

But until this point, they say it’s never posed a problem or a “danger to society” for Milo “being at large” as the official paperwork stated. Anderson was clearly perturbed and irritated over the audacity of the neighbor and the city. So she went to local news outlets to voice her frustrations:

“This is a cat who is neutered and microchipped and vaccinated, and is not a menace to society.” — Kate Anderson

Anderson sought representation on the matter, and her attorney has filed for a motion to dismiss due to the insignificance of the crime. It is still to be decided, but it is likely that the city does not plan to amend the current law in place.

Kate with Milo

According to Milo’s owner, “I don’t think most people think it is illegal to let your cat outside under any circumstance.”

The ordinance that was the cause for Kate’s two misdemeanors charges dates back to 1963.

It prohibits any animal from being in an area, even on their owner’s property, “without a leash, secured in a yard or confined to a vehicle.”

If an animal is seen doing this, it then considers the animal to be “at large”. This is considered unlawful in accordance with the ordinance, thus charges can be brought against the animal’s owner. In this case, the surprising 2 misdemeanors.

Check out the video below courtesy of Local 12 News

If you were to ask me, I would wonder what would possess a neighbor to do this. Purrhaps she has something against Milo’s owner? Or maybe it’s simply something more to do with animal control and local law enforcement.

When asked, Kate believes: “This just feels like animal control being out of control.”

So, what are your thoughts on the violation? Let us know in the comments section! Do you feel this is right or wrong? Remember, every area is not the same and the hazards present may differ; especially in different countries.


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