Sweet Black Kitten Saved With Two Broken Front Legs–After Being Tied To String And Dragged!

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A young black kitten was brought into the Moreno Valley Animal Shelter in California, on June 9th, 2019. It had been a sweltering day with temperatures registering at 107 degrees with the heat index. But for a few caring souls trying to enjoy the summer weather, the found themselves in an infuriating situation. While out walking, they’d noticed a homeless man in the distance, dragging something on a string. They sensed something was amiss, so they stopped to observe the odd happenings. After a short time, they were able to make out just what was trailing behind the man. It was a small black kitten!! The man was pulling the poor baby on a string by it’s delicate two front legs.

Photo courtesy of Love Your Feral Felines

They cautiously approached the homeless man and tied up kitten, offering to take the feline off his hands. 

Thankfully, the man easily agreed without any confrontations. However, they could tell the kitten was suffering and immediately called the nearby Moreno Valley Animal Shelter. A worker was quickly sent to pick up the kitten.

Photo courtesy of Love Your Feral Felines

But there was no time to wait and the rescuers were extremely worried about the kitten. They took it back to their vehicle to try to cool it down. Clearly overheating, the kitten leaned against a cool water bottle quietly while they all waited. 

The officer arrived soon after and rushed the kitten back to the shelter’s vet. They knew they’d be able to give the tortured kitten the best chance at surviving the horrific ordeal. But they had to get it help ASAP.

Photo courtesy of Love Your Feral Felines

*Before you erupt in anger, there is NO update on any criminal charges against the homeless man. Yes, we all want to punish these animal abusers, but we must abide by the laws as well. Focus on TNR to lessen the number of animals on the streets. Educate others on what they can do to help. And most importantly, like the individuals here, do something if you see something happening.  

Once they got the kitten back to the vet, they were devastated to learn that both front legs were broken.

The kitten was a little girl, approximately 6 weeks old. She weighed in a little over a pound. Their exam yielded the sad results. 

Medical notes: 6/10/19. On exam cat appears to have antebrachial forelimb fractures with callus formation. Advised prognosis is unknown/guarded. Kittens can heal quickly, but unknown if growth plate is involved. Advised to monitor progress and QOL at weekly splint changes. Placed a tongue depressor splint.

Photo courtesy of Love Your Feral Felines
Photo courtesy of Love Your Feral Felines

She wasn’t “out of the water” yet though. Just because she was brought to the shelter, her life was not safe. This was NOT a no-kill shelter. She had to be spoken for by June 13th or she’d face euthanasia. Making matters worse, they needed a registered organization to commit to rescuing her. Normal everyday people are not approved to adopt directly. (I know, it’s ridiculous.) 

But with the large vet bills that would be accumulated in her near future, it was difficult finding an organization that COULD help. Especially during the peak of kitten season. Supporters on the Friends of Moreno Valley Shelter Animals Facebook page pledged donations in her honor.

Photo courtesy of Love Your Feral Felines

Despite everything, the little girl with two broken legs was just as sweet as could be! 

She cries when she’s in her kennel but sleeps peacefully when she’s in your arms. 

Meanwhile, one organization based out of Northern San Diego county was doing everything in their power to save her. Love Your Feral Felines were campaigning to their supporters for all the help they could give. Jumping on board with the fundraising efforts, Cat Man Chris, a.k.a. Cole and Marmalade’s dad, shared the social media posts.

Photo courtesy of Love Your Feral Felines

Firstly, they were able to secure her release and named her Lacey!

But best of all, between the LYFF and Cat Man Chris posts, they were able to raise more than the almost $5000 estimated for her surgery! 

The left leg will probably require surgery with a specialist. The right leg we may be able to help heal with a splint. We are hoping she can be seen by a specialist tomorrow! Today she is resting and is now on pain medication to help her be comfortable. We love her!

Screenshot Cat Man Chris Facebook post
Photo courtesy of Love Your Feral Felines

On June 18th, Lacey underwent successful surgery on her two broken front legs. 

Surgery went really well and her leg repairs could not have gone better. She did have a scary episode when they took her for her post op x-rays. Her heart stopped but they were able to resuscitate. She is in the ICU and doing well now. She will remain in the ICU for at least a couple of days to recover.

Photo courtesy of Love Your Feral Felines

Thank you to VSH and Dr. Pike for the world-class care Lacey is receiving. We are so thankful for all prayers, healing thoughts, and support. 

Only a day after surgery, Lacey was already showing much improvement overall. 

She’s doing amazing today, and is eating like a champ. Even more good news is she gets to go home tomorrow to continue her recovery!

Photo courtesy of Love Your Feral Felines

To think, just one week ago Lacey was alone and in pain, and tonight she has a brand new life to look forward to! Thank you again for all your generosity which made this possible.

Photo courtesy of Love Your Feral Felines

And 4 days later, she took her first steps on her newly repaired front legs.

Look at this strong, brave girl! She’s taken her first wobbly and closely supervised steps since her surgery. Every day Lacey gets stronger and she is truly doing so much better than we could ever have dared possible.

Photo courtesy of Love Your Feral Felines ~ This is how they put pins on her bones to help them heal properly. Her bones are too small for pins on the inside.

We also received a few pictures of her surgery. Looking at these pictures really brings home just how complex the operation was. [However, it] makes us even more proud of this amazing kitten! We love you Lacey!

Photo courtesy of Love Your Feral Felines
Photo courtesy of Love Your Feral Felines

Stay tuned for some possibly wonderful and “heart-bursting with joy” type news!!!

Above all, be sure to follow Love Your Feral Felines on social media for all the amazing rescue stories they are involved with.

Photo courtesy of Love Your Feral Felines 

If you would like to contribute to their organization–and the future cats like Lacey that will need us ALL to survive, here’s how. 

Venmo – www.venmo.com/LYFFcatrescue
PayPal – loveyourferalfelines@gmail.com
Or mail to Love Your Feral Felines, PO Box 1333, Bonsall CA 92003


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  1. Don’t tell me not to be enraged by the treatment of this kitten. I don’t care two cents that this man is homeless. Cruelty is cruelty. I wouldn’t have asked, I would have taken the kitten. Also if he would have laid a hand on me, I would have pressed charges. I’m glad the kitten was saved and treated. I have zero sympathy for any animal abuser.

    • I agree.
      Sick & tired of reading about animals
      Being abused and animal lovers footing the bill. I’m so glad we all help
      But the abusers should automatically
      Have their money garnished to pay
      For what they did.
      And made to work for free.

    • I to have apathy for animal abusers. That homeless animal should not have had that poor kitten at all! I do hope they bring charges to this homeless guy! No excuses whatsoever for him dragging that kitty either!

  2. How can it be that this kitten gets saved from abuse, just to be dropped off at a kill shelter??

    And as for not erupting in anger and having to abide by the law… I think vigilante justice can be a fine thing when the law continues to fail.

    I wish all the best for the little one.

  3. Actually, what he did is arrestable under Calif. Law (at least I’m pretty sure). So homeless…..more than likely mental or drug issues involved. He will do it again. Incarnate or at least a 5150 72 hour hold to be evaluated.

  4. Chris and Jess, you are doing something awesome. I probably repeat myself (dozen times..) but I always admire when people save a life of a creature, that would otherwise suffer alone, that cannot pay them back. Since they cannot expect any reward, it has to me a special value.
    Saving a creature from life of pain and suffering + being a person capable of kindness + being an inspiration and example to others = wow
    And you do this all. Thank you. ♥


  6. Homeless or not hes a human being and dragging a poor animal in distress???? I am sooooo angry…this useless good for nothing man is cruel….👹👹👹👹

  7. Shame shame on Anyone who would do this to a defenseless animal. If you don’t get what you should get here on this earth you will get it when you are gone! God bless all who helped this poor fur baby!

  8. Well, here goes . . . I am homeless, and since 1995, I have done rescue work, either as a volunteer with a rescue group or on my own. I have been homeless for the past 7 years, and I have been so because of the criminal behaviors of others. Of this more anon. I became TNR certified in 2011, and for the years of my homelessness, I have maintained a modest colony on public land. I have fed & maintained them every day, having not been out of the city since 2012. They are all fixed, eartipped, medicated against vermin, nourished with animal protein based food, have wonderful warm shelters in winter, names they know & respond to, and lots of love, ear scratches (where possible) & treats. I have social security & another modest income source, and I use a storage facility for my staging area. I do not associate with other homeless people, because I have found it dangerous to do so. My friends, my family, my job, and my focus is my kids, my gang, my cats. They are my joy, and to me, loving & caring for them makes sense in a circumstance that is wholly insane. I have fed through blizzards and torrential rain and record setting bitter cold, through days & days of sleeplessness, through fractured bones and pneumonia. And no matter how badly I felt when I began my commute to my site, I always felt better when I left feeding. Happy, gratified, loving and whole. Like a person, a woman, a lady, a mommy, a nurse, whatever. But not a homeless. This keeps me grounded, centered, which is good because my greatest battle, given my status, is for credibility. Like the nitwit who was “training” little Lacey to follow him like a dog, there is a universal assumption that I am nuts because I am homeless. As I noted earlier, I am in my situation because of the criminal actions of others. But the others are not homeless, and so every step of my way has been uphill. Such has been the manipulation of stereotypes in my instance, and stereotypes are very powerful. They allow folks not to think, just to pigeonhole. For me, that is deadly. I am not looking for understanding here or kudos. What I am doing is symbiotic. I am in control here. But when I read about yet another homeless anus abusing an animal, often out of an abundance of stupid ignorance, I get livid. Because jerks like that cause trouble for me, and undoubtedly for a few others. I write to let you know there is another side. I’m here, doin’ good. Don’t forget. Don’t yield entirely to the stereotypes.

  9. Well said my friend. Until another walks in your shoes, they won’t understand “homeless.”
    …hope this helps explaining to mindless, ignorant, stereotypers.
    I applaud your work with critters and I am envious of your writing skills!
    Earth needs more altruistic, educated, REAL people like you. I am inspired by you. Thank you!

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