39 Kittens Surrendered To Texas Shelter After Found Abandoned At Woman’s Greenhouse

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When a women in Texas went out to tend to her greenhouse last week, she found something VERY odd. She stumbled upon 39 kittens that had been abandoned on her property! She rushed them to the nearby animal rescue in Paris, TX. The staff at the Paris Texas Animal Shelter were quickly overwhelmed but didn’t hesitate to help. Housing in the rescue center is set up to hold 20 animals and they were already at maximum capacity. Thankfully, the animal loving community in their area came through for them. This rescue is certainly a prime example of it “taking a village” to save the young souls.

SEVEN other animal rescue groups stepped in to help the shelter save the deserving kittens! 

When Stephanie Ann of Paris, TX went live on Facebook on Friday, the world was shocked at what they saw. Her video showed an estimated 30 kittens all cuddling together in a large box.

39 Kittens
Screenshot of Live Video by Stephanie Ann

After they were able to breathe again from the shock, they knew they needed help. Stephanie’s video of the black, tuxedo and one grey kitten pile instantly went viral. Because her plea for help raced through the rescue community, plans were swiftly set in motion. So fosterers scrambled to find open homes and locations during an already busy kitten season. No one wanted to imagine what would happen to the kittens should they not find someone to take them.

Screenshot of Live Video by Stephanie Ann

Once they were able to shift the fluffy bodies out of the box, they were able to give a final count. The final total of 39 kittens needed to be saved. All of them are approximately 6-8 weeks old. They guess that the kittens were born to at least 6 mama cats, sadly not with the kittens. 

But who could help them take care of this HUGE number of kittens!? They were about to find out just how many loving and caring people were out there.

Photo courtesy of Kaleys Place Cat Rescue

One by one, shelters and fosterers came forward to welcome the 39 kittens into their care. 

In the Dallas/Fort Worth area, seven different organizations were happy to share the burden of raising the kittens. They ALL know that a mass hoard of kittens like this are going to be difficult to take on. The financial responsibilities that go along with surrendered kittens add up quickly. And they commonly come with a host of medical issues–from minor to serious. 

They would all need to be vaccinated and checked out. Not to mention the basic care costs required for abandoned kittens. Do you know how much food, litter and medications cost for 39 kittens?! Yikes! 

But one-by-one and in small groups, the kittens were spoken for.

Transportation was arranged to the Dallas area so was just under 2 hours away. One of the rescue groups, Kaleys Place Cat Rescue in Rockwall, Texas, was happy to take in 3 of the little babes. Their shelter is familiar with last minute, life-or-death rescues.

Photo courtesy of Kaleys Place Cat Rescue

Kaleys Place is a 501c3 non-profit organization with the focus to provide rescue for cats/kitten listed on local shelter euthanasia lists.

Not only did they welcome 3 of the black/tuxedo kittens, during their pickup they saw 2 more ginger kittens that needed assistance. So they happily took those 2 off the overwhelmed hands of the Paris shelter.

Photo by Stephanie Ann

We are still gathering information on the shelters that stepped up, but they will ALL need assistance from us too! 

So if you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area or just want to help from afar, please visit these pages to donate. If you are interested in eventually adopting one of the cute little panthers or dapper tuxedos, be sure to follow the pages. Who knows?! You may be the person who is chosen by the solo grey fur-baby!

Screenshot of Live Video by Stephanie Ann
Photo courtesy of Kaleys Place Cat Rescue

Since there are so many rescue’s involved, Kaleys Place Cat Rescue will be working with them to ensure all monies donated from our support are dispersed accordingly. Each one has many animals in their care, but that didn’t stop them from help here. It’s heartwarming to see the team efforts for these kittens.

Photo courtesy of Kaleys Place Cat Rescue

It’s heartbreaking to hear of stories like this, but we try to remember it could have been MUCH worse.

The kind woman who brought these 39 kittens to the shelter did a wonderful thing after stumbling upon them. No one knows who the original person who abandoned them is, so there is no punishment to be dealt. Why did they chose the woman’s greenhouse? Thankfully they did though as there are too many “cats in trash bin” stories with sad endings.

39 Kittens
Photo courtesy of Kaleys Place Cat Rescue

We now need to focus on caring for the kittens, raising them and finding forever homes for them. Because they deserve nothing less. We did get an adorable update from Kaleys Place about the kittens this morning. 

I’m cleaning their quarantine area and they are just playing like crazy. They are very happy kittens!

REMEMBER: Spay, neuter, foster, volunteer, TNR and as always ADOPT don’t shop!

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  1. Cannot imagine what the person who abandoned the was thinking! Even this time of year, greenhouses that are not winter-proofed could be chillingly cold. So glad the greenhouse owner found them in time and that the shelters involved were able to get help with caring for these little beauties. Thank goodness they are now safe!

  2. Thank you to all the generous people at these shelter’s and the kind and caring lady who brought them in. Ill be donating.

  3. Beautiful fur babies! I’m happy that the people of Texas are generous with their love for them. It is good they all had each other to stay warm like baby chicks gathered together. But soooo many! And similar ages! Makes you wonder if the person who left them “cleaned house”? Afraid there really are those folks out there that hoard animals and the critters breed out of control indoors. I met someone like this once. Very sad. Often with mental health issues. Hopefully this person that brought these to a safe place is getting help because there are several mama cats out there that these babies belonged to. Praying for help for this person.

  4. So glad these little dolls were saved. Cannot imagine what people are thinking when they leave these sweet defenseless babies by themselves to almost die. Thank God there are good people in the world. I have 4 rescue cats at home and if I could I’d take all these too!

  5. Aww.. I have raised lots of abandoned cats and dogs.. Luckily my roommate understands .. Try. Not. To. Look. Them. In. Their. Eyes….. I will adopt for the rest of my life..

  6. Im always so happy when people come togethwr to save innocenve. Thank u all. Such lovely people. I rescue pregnant moms alot and that nunber of kittens id say 6 mons at least is insane where are the moms? Sad. U guys are amazing beautiful people thank u so much.

  7. I’ve been involved in animal rescue for almost 30 years and it DOES NOT GET ANY BETTER. This is why we NEED Mandatory Humane Education in ALL schools from K-12… Oh My GOD………..
    It might not be too hard to find these mamacats — all black or tuxedos– maybe a hoarding situation as well. SOMEONE knows more about this — and needs to come forward!! Person who did this should be fined heavily and made to pay the medical and spay/neuter fees for the babies AND their mamacats.

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