“Slitten” Tumblr Account Is Strictly Kittens With Sloth Faces. And It’s The Cutest Thing Ever.

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We all love kittens. That’s a given. Kittens bring us endless joy, and they have the unique ability to make just about anyone–even cat haters–smile. I know for myself, my heart skips a beat when I see one on the street!But you know what’s the only thing cuter than a tiny, fluffy, irresistible kitten? A slitten, of course! The brainchild of Rachael Aslett, a slitten is simply a graphically enhanced kitten with the face of sloth. And you know what? It’s pretty much the cutest damn thing I’ve ever seen in my 35 years of life.

Feast your eyes on this clowder of adorable slittens compliments of Aslett’s Tumblr account strictly dedicated to kittens with sloth faces…

This lovely little slitten is ready for their close-up!

Who doesn’t love a good kitten flower portrait? Well, slittens posing with flowers and baskets is equally as cute!

The cutest little clowder of slittens you ever did see!

Stretch it out, wee slitten!

Watch out, world. A SLITTENOCALYPSE is upon us!


Looks like this little slitten is having a case of the Mondays!

You’ve got your three slitten moon, just too purrfect if you ask me:

Hang in there, little slitten!

As it turns out, slittens are crazy for yarn, too!


The two cutest little slittens you ever did see!

Do you love calico kittens? What about calico slittens?!

If you’re smitten for slittens, you can follow the account here on Tumblr! There are so many to see, that we simply couldn’t put them all on here.

What other adorable animal hybrids would you love to see in digital form? I feel like there are too many to name! So long as it’s nothing mixed with a snake, it’s good in my book.


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