(UPDATE 2019) Blue Eyed Beauty Trapped In Large Feral Cat Colony; Now Healthy And Looking For Love!

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For months, staff and volunteers with Meow Village in Oregon, have been focusing on a large feral cat colony. Since fall of 2018, they’ve managed to trap 13 cats from an abandoned store in Mehama, OR. The location was so dilapidated that the trappers couldn’t venture inside though. Because it was so bad, all other rescue groups hadn’t been willing to help. Sadly, the conditions inside were truly horrific, causing illnesses in the cats. A woman had been feeding them, but they required medical attention.

Photo courtesy of Paula Baldwin-Brown and Meow Village

So the Meow Village team waited patiently for cats to emerge, and one-by-one they made their way to the traps. The final cats were caught in April of 2019. Some were so feral they were treated and released through their barn cat program. Others have been socialized and adopted out, and unfortunately 3 had to be put to sleep due to their health.

Photo courtesy of Paula Baldwin-Brown and Meow Village

For one blue eyed beauty though still in foster care, she is finally healthy enough to find her forever home. 

Meet Blue–the three year old tuxedo cat with stunning blue eyes!

Photo courtesy of Paula Baldwin-Brown and Meow Village

She was trapped in the fall of 2018 and has been in her foster home since then. When first found, the poor girl was severely malnourished. Suffering from other minor issues as well, they addressed her health immediately. Blue put on healthy weight and her issues cleared up. 

As the days went by, Blue began to come out of her shell more and more. It’s surprising to realize that cats don’t automatically know how to “play”. For stray and feral cats, they’ve never had the opportunity to relax and have fun. They spend their days foraging for food, protecting their area and fighting off the predators of the world.

Photo courtesy of Paula Baldwin-Brown and Meow Village

And eventually, Blue let her guard down in her new, comfortable environment. Her amazing foster mom, Shari, happily shares the precious moments with the Meow Village social media followers. 

She is a sweet thing and has learned that not all humans are so bad after all after some time.


Recently, Blue’s time came for her to be officially put up for adoption; but then more medical issues came to light. 

Blue was found to be suffering from stomatitis, but what exactly is that? Cats from the streets or a feral cat colony aren’t the only ones suffering from this. Here’s the info on it, according to Vetstreet.com.

Photo courtesy of Paula Baldwin-Brown and Meow Village


Feline stomatitis is extremely painful. In some cases, a cat suffering with this condition may be in too much pain to open his or her mouth to eat. In other cases, the cat may try to eat but scream and drop the food as soon as it touches the mouth. Other clinical signs may include the following:

  • Drooling (sometimes with blood)
  • Unkempt hair coat (because grooming is painful)
  • Refusal to eat
  • Bad breath
  • Weight loss
  • Pawing at the face or mouth

Once they learned of this, they decided Blue would remain in foster care until they could address her dental issues.

She wasn’t showing that she was in pain, and even dove head first into the winter holiday events! 


Now, Blue has had her dental surgery and needs to find her forever home!

Sadly, she did have to have her remaining teeth all extracted, but she’s doing great. Originally, she did have a few interested families. But they’ve all since passed up on the deserving girl who just needed a bit of time to heal after surgery. Time and patience are necessities when dealing with rescued cats from feral cat colonies.

Photo courtesy of Paula Baldwin-Brown and Meow Village ~ No teeth, no problem!

If you are interested in this unique black and white, blue eyed beauty, please visit her adoption page. 

Our Blue bombshell has eyes that look like the clear blue sky and they hold nothing but gratitude and hope for the future. Blue let us know her favorite thing is to spend time cuddling on a soft lap, as her humans enjoy an evening of lounging.

Being an independent kind of gal, Blue lets you know when she’s had enough pets and cuddles by swishing her tail  back and forth. Cat savvy humans know this means, “Now is the time to let me lay here and just enjoy your closeness.” It’s not every day that you see a black and white kitty that has such sparkling peepers and Blue seems to enjoy the attention they bring.

Photo courtesy of Paula Baldwin-Brown and Meow Village

Dogs are entertaining and not a problem at all. Resident kitties are welcome and would be awesome play buddies. Teenagers are probably going to be best, because our Blue does have that independent streak that they would better understand. Blue is being fostered outside of Salem, so meet and greets would take place there, and if it’s a match, she will be delivered to her forever home.  Let’s show Blue her future is bright and filled with love that really does last forever!

Photo courtesy of Paula Baldwin-Brown and Meow Village ~ The day AFTER she was rescued <3

Be sure to follow Meow Village on Facebook and Instagram for all their success stories!

Thank you to everyone involved in saving Blue and all the other needy cats in the feral cat colony <3

If you’re in their area, they’re having a fundraiser at the Aurora Fire Department soon!

Photo: Fundraiser Flyer ~ Don’t Miss It!


Congratulations to Blue who was finally healthy enough to be officially put up for adoption earlier this year. And by the end of July, she had found her furever home and family! <3 Thank you again to Shari and Meow Village for saving her. From a feral cat colony to a loving family cat, what could be better than that? 



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