Foster Cat Freya With Three Broken Legs Leaves Hearts Broken Around The World (Tear Warning)

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If you follow our social media pages and website, you’re likely familiar with our recent foster home abuse story. The heartbreaking tale of fluffy tortie Freya spread across the world just over a week ago. Suffering from 3 broken legs, the poor girl had been abused at her foster home. The team at A New Beginning Animal Rescue and veterinarian Dr. Kristie Ellis set to work, giving Freya the medical attention and love she needed. But poor Freya’s 10-year-old body was too battered.

Photo: @anbrescue

Sadly, on Wednesday morning March 6th, Freya lost her battle and crossed the Rainbow Bridge. 

A New Beginning shared the devastating news on their Facebook page, clearly distraught. 

With totally broken hearts we have to inform all who loved her, that this morning, Freya gave up and crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Everyone who met her (and even everyone who didn’t), loved her. All who took care of her and visited her, noticed the look in her eyes, the “Giving-up Look”, that look never changed all these days.

Photo: @anbrescue

We are so devastated and we were so hoping to make her the most spoiled cat in the world but she just couldn’t hold on any longer.

We are going to have Freya cremated and would like to invite you to send some messages with her. We’ll print the messages and have them cremated with her. Her ashes will be returned to us.

PLEASE, we only want messages of Love and hope to accompany her on her final journey, there is no room for Hate.

RIP sweet, brave girl! You were loved so much! We are so sorry we failed you and couldn’t make up for it!!!

Over the last two weeks, Freya had been in Dr. Ellis’s care and received every comfort that they could provide her. 

The shelter continued to visit her and share all the updated on her prognosis. 

I saw Freya yesterday in person and spent some time with her just giving her Love.

Photo: @anbrescue

It breaks mine and everyone’s heart to see just how broken she is, not just her body but her spirit too.

Please keep this sweet girl in your thoughts and prayers. I told her that so many people love her and that she will NEVER be hurt ever again!

When we wrote the original story, our amazing online family donated a staggering amount for precious Freya. Just over $5,000 was raised to contribute to her surgeries and aftercare! The world had been shocked at her unfortunately and completely avoidable tragedy. But just like the rescue group, NO ONE could have seen this coming.  

A week after the phone call was received alerting the shelter to her injury, Freya’s update was not what her caregivers had hoped. 

She is doing ok, about the same as yesterday. Her spirit is still very down and she has no spark in her eyes. She has been eating a bit better today. She is still being syringe-fed, but she showed a bit more liking to being fed. ~ March 1st, 2019

Photo: @anbrescue

The police were officially investigating the case, but it was about to become a bit more dramatic. 

We are working with Police. We have forwarded all paperwork and x-rays, evaluation and letter from her vet etc. The case is now official and they are working on it.

Still, it was a surprise when on March 2nd, A New Beginnings received an upsetting phone call. 

Yesterday, we received an unpleasant phone call from someone who didn’t want to be identified on behalf of the fosters. The sole purpose of the phone call was to get us to say something that was not true and to intimidate us. I told the caller that this was now a legal matter and that I could not and would not talk to him about it.

He accused us of “Double-Dipping” by raising funds for Freya and yet trying to get the fosters to pay for the medical costs and he stated that this was illegal.

Tell that to Freya, because these aren’t minimal medical costs!

Photo: @anbrescue

The accusation was ridiculous, because A New Beginnings Animal Rescue fosters follow the same guidelines as others. 

Every foster is required to sign a Foster Agreement that states that, if one of our animals that is in their care gets injured, they would be responsible for the medical costs arising from this injury. If one or our animals in their care gets sick, the rescue will be responsible for the medical costs. This is standard procedure with most rescues and shelters.

Since we don’t know whether the fosters will own up to their responsibility, we started the fund-raiser for Freya. [This is NOT the fundraiser initiated by Cole and Marmalade]. If we are able to recover the medical costs for Freya from the fosters, any excess funds raised will be used to help other animals in need.

We also couldn’t wait with taking care of Freya and her injuries until this was determined. Worst case scenario is that this will go to court (independently from the abuse investigation), which would probably take several months.

So not only were they trying to save Freya’s life, they were being harassed. 

They resolved to fight harder for their dear girl, because that’s exactly what was important–Freya. Funds had been raised and were being put to use, keeping her from the pain of her injuries. She still wasn’t feeling great, so she was kept on pain medications. 

Dr. Ellis said she did well over the weekend, she is eating more and having more movement with her back legs and is pooping now. She just finished with her towel bath, brushing and leg massages. Fight baby girl!

Photo: @anbrescue

Her many new supporters and followers were sure to send their prayers, healing purrs and love. 

Sending more healing prayers her way. We all love you little Freya and hate what was done to you. There are good people in the world and you are with them now. Don’t give up. ~ Debi Bouchard 

Sweet Girl! Get well little darling so you can live the good, happy life you were supposed to live! You will never be hurt or abused again. We all love you Precious Freya! Keep Fighting!???❤ ~ Sandy Johnson

Photo: @anbrescue

That was the last update before the soul-crushing, heartbreaking news this morning.

So now I sit here bawling at my desk writing Freya’s too-soon ending. She didn’t deserve this, and none of them do. She’d gotten through difficult times and found her way to a foster home. Eventually, she’d be picked by a loving family to live out her senior days in peace. 

Now, our last hope is that her memory and story serve as proof that there is justice in the world. Animal abuser need to be stopped so more lives aren’t lost.

Regardless of the outcome of the investigation and court decision, Freya has changed the lives of everyone who hears her story. She will go on in the hearts of all the foster felines of the world, joining them all in spirit during their happy ending adoptions. 


Image: Cole and Marmalade

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