Rescued Stray Tuxedo Kittens Fur Begins Turning White At A Year Old; And It’s Still Changing 2 Years Later!

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It’s true that you never know what you’re going to “get” when you rescue cats from the streets. Some turn out to be lap cats, while others prefer to monitor you while perched just out of reach. Then there are the kittens and cats whose appearance changes as they heal. Eyes swollen shut open to reveal gorgeous peepers. Patches of missing fur grow into luxurious, fluffy coats. But every so often, there is an extreme change that occurs, surprising the new owner. Such as a Tuxedo kitten’s black fur turning white before your very eyes! 

Photo courtesy of Nicole @elli.vitiligo

This isn’t some crazy new breed of “hypurr-color changing” cat.

CLICK HERE; if you were born after 1985, Hypercolor shirts considered “vinatge” now! WHAT?!

So nope, no designer cats here. This special kitty named Elli, was found by Nicole Böhm in July of 2016. Little 4-month-old Elli wasn’t alone though, and had her tuxedo sister Rosie with her. They were both living on dirty farmland in Germany, but not surviving very well. 

Photo courtesy of Nicole @elli.vitiligo ~ SEPTEMBER 2016

Both girls had ear infections, mites and were in serious need of some overdue medical attention. Nicole couldn’t bare to see the sweet sisters suffering and made the decision to bring them home. She nursed them back to health and was thanked by two very loving and grateful tuxie ladies. 

Photo courtesy of Nicole @elli.vitiligo ~ Sisters Rosie (R) and Elli (L)

That is until about 9-months later when she noticed a white spot on Elli’s back fur. 

At first she thought it was just a fuzzball and went to remove it from her gorgeous girl. But when she got closer, she realized it was her fur and was actually white now! Since they were only about a year old, perhaps it was just due to aging? Nicole had to be sure though, so she took Elli to the vet. That wasn’t the case though, because as it turned out, Elli’s fur began to change dramatically.

Photo courtesy of Nicole @elli.vitiligo

Her veterinarian diagnosed her with a rare condition called vitiligoin which patches of skin/hair lose their pigment, turning white. It only affects about 1% of the human population and is extremely rare in animals. However, over the next few months, large white spots began to appear all over her furry little body.

Photo courtesy of Nicole @elli.vitiligo ~ AUGUST 2017

A shocked Nicole was wonderful at documenting the changes on her baby girl. For the next year and a half, Elli’s fur metamorphosized more and more.

Photo courtesy of Nicole @elli.vitiligo ~ OCTOBER 2017
Image courtesy of Nicole @elli.vitiligo ~ MARCH 2018
Photo courtesy of Nicole @elli.vitiligo ~ JUNE 2018

Nothing was causing any physical harm to Elli thankfully, and it was all superficial. 

Photo courtesy of Nicole @elli.vitiligo

Even though they are biological sisters, Rosie’s fur has remained dressed in formal tuxedo attire.

Photo courtesy of Nicole @elli.vitiligo

The girls love living the cozy indoor life with Nicole. No more dirt beds for these two beauties! 

Photo courtesy of Nicole @elli.vitiligo

Sweet Elli’s fur continued to transform and still does to this day. 

Girls are allowed to change outfits as many times as they want though, right?! =) 

Photo courtesy of Nicole @elli.vitiligo ~ JANUARY 2019

Just this year, Nicole has been happy to start social media pages for her unique little tuxedo girl. Elli’s gorgeous black and white splotchy coat can now be seen by her more than 10K Instagram followers! We’re sure that’ll change daily just like Elli’s beautiful fur.

She also has a Facebook page if Instagram’s not your purreference. That, or if you just need more adorable cats in your life. We don’t judge.

Photo courtesy of Nicole @elli.vitiligo

What we love the most about the sisters story, is that fact that they were rescued stray cats.

They weren’t kittens bred in poor conditions just to attempt to create something “marketable”. These two kittens started life off with nothing. No home, no one to care for them and nothing different about them than the millions of other strays. 

Photo courtesy of Nicole @elli.vitiligo

Rescuers and caring souls save them regardless, and again, you never know what you’re going to get! The unconditional love given can transform them into happy, healthy house cats.

And occasionally, these second chances at life allow their outer beauty to transform into something never expected.

Please reach out to your local shelter or rescue group to get involved in TNR, Trap/Neuter/Return, programs. There are many “purrecious” souls out there that is waiting for your generosity to truly blossom–all stunning in their own right!

Photo courtesy of Nicole @elli.vitiligo


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