Edna: The Firehouse Cat And The Crew Working To Keep Her From Being Evicted By Today’s Deadline!

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You may have seen the story that originated from San Francisco Fire Station #49 this past week. After just ONE anonymous complaint, the beloved feline Edna, that has called the station home for the last 4 years, may be facing eviction! Edna’s role at the station is an important and admittedly life-saving one. That could all change if management has it’s way and caves to the thoughtless demand. TODAY is the deadline for the poor pussycat to be removed or Animal Control will intervene.

Photo: @fire_cat_edna

The crew at the station are doing everything they can to avoid that fate. 

Edna showed up at the station about 4 years ago as a feral cat in the area. As with many ferals, she didn’t choose the lifestyle and Edna was clearly ready to be part of a family. Her family just happened to be an entire crew of firefighters, EMT’s and a full staff–a lonely cat’s dream! 

Photo: @fire_cat_edna

They began feeding her and happily allowed her to stay. Little by little, she allowed them to get closer and closer. The freedom she was given at the station gave her the confidence to share her space with humans. No one can be sure what happened to Edna while on the streets, but they were ready to accept her into their family where she’d be safe. 

She isn’t just a stray wandering the property now though. They are happy to take her to the vet for all the important feline “meow”ntenance to keep her healthy. She was fixed and ear tipped just in case she catches the wanderlust again.

But at the station, Edna’s rewards that keep her there purrmanently? Treats and priceless companionship. 

Photo: @fire_cat_edna

Edna is a well taken care of cat who in return, is there for the workers when they need her the most

If your wondering just what a small cat can do to help grown men and women, the benefits FAR outweigh a solo complaint. 

Numbers vary, but studies in recent years have estimated that between 17 and 22 percent of firefighters suffer from PTSD, three times the rate of the general population.

Suicides were once overlooked by firefighters and paramedics eager to maintain an image of bravery and invincibility. But that’s changing as the profession acknowledges a deadly scourge that claims more lives than the perils firefighters face in the line of duty.

Photo: @fire_cat_edna

Long a taboo topic in firehouses, suicide was recently labeled by the U.S. Fire Administration as a “critical” issue that’s being “faced more squarely by the fire service.”

 – excerpts from www.postandcourier.com article, Feb 2018

So if Edna helps these brave individuals and saves their lives, who wouldn’t want that to continue?! 

Dedicated emergency workers share just how important emotional support animals are. Purrhaps if Edna was officially classified as a support animal, these personal attacks on her living at the station would be rightfully discounted?!

An emotional support animal or support animal, is a companion animal that a medical professional says provides some benefit for a person disabled by a mental health condition or emotional disorder. ~ wikipedia.com

While the staff will NEVER let Edna go back to the homeless life on the streets, they know she is happiest at the station. Numerous people are ready to offer her a permanent home with them. What of the dozens of people who count on her comfort and purrs daily at work though? 

With the story being publicly shared, the majority clearly and vocally oppose the threat of removing Edna from the station.

People are being asked to email the station to voice their concern. Pleas are being shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, calling for the hashtag #ednastays. On any of the numerous articles written, news stories shared and social media posts calling for support, you can find similar supportive comments.

As a medic with Critical Incident Stress Debriefing training, I can’t say enough that Edna should stay (provided no FF is allergic). Pet companions are proven to relieve stress. ~ annlukens7

Email sent! Coming from a 911 dispatcher who’s married to a firefighter, I hope they listen to your station’s needs! We see all over the positives of therapy animals whether they are registered or not. Edna is a symbol of how seriously they take your emotional well being. I am rooting for you! ❤️ ~ jaimieb.15

I’m a retired paramedic. I would have LOVED a station pet to help with the stress of the job. Please, please don’t take this valued member of the fire service away from your First Responders. ~ Becky Snavely
As a former Firefighter and EMT, the daily stress we see accumulates and takes a mental toll on the first responders. Edna’s presence is a calming factor, a momentary escape from the daily horrors they deal with. ~ Steven Jennings

Photo: @fire_cat_edna

Since July 2018, Edna has not only been keeping the firefighters smiling, her 15,000 followers on Instagram have been treated to her love as well. 

If there was ANY doubt that Edna’s role at the firehouse is necessary, just look at the faces of those who love her.


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One of my favorite humans❤️

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In many photos, you can see the sadness melt from the stressed bodies when they are spending time with adorable Edna.


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Let me tell you bout my best friendssssss

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The mutual appreciation is welcomed by a content Edna <3 


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Mid day snuggle

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For the rest of us, we can show our support by standing by Edna and her extended family. 

Please share her story with #ednastays and tag @fire_cat_edna. Send an email to fireadministration@sfgov.org and tell them why you feel Edna should stay with her family at Station 49. Post on Instagram and tag them at @sffdlocal798.


1,109 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!


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  1. Whether official or not, Edna is certainly serving as an emotional support pet for the firefighters. One anonymous complaint? How on earth could that outweigh 4 years of companionship and the wishes of the firefighters? They need to own up and validate their complaint or be ignored as a vicious crackpot.

  2. Firefighters and EMS do dangerous/emotionally stressful jobs. Edna provides unconditional love, support *and* rodent control. Let her say.

  3. Leave the cat…that is a stress reducing decompression animals for a high risk groupmofvfire fighters…..leave the cat

  4. Let the cat stay ,why are people so heartless all the time ,The cat is great stress release for the firer fighters after such hard work and seeing dead bodies etc ..Let the cat stay

  5. Emotional support animals provide an important service. Especially in situations where hours are not predictable and can be wildly variable, the work can be strenuous, and sometimes the things seen and dealt with can be very graphic and upsetting. It would seem to me that Edna provides a world of service to these firefighters and enforcing her departure from the station would be highly detrimental to all of them. If they are willing to put in the work to care for her then I believe she should be allowed to stay.

  6. In Massachusetts an emotional support animal–ESA–has the same rights as a Service animal in “no-pets” areas. There is simply NO conceivable way a building full of first responders could not prove they need emotional support for stress, PTSD, long hours, pain etc. Moving forward from the incredible selfishness and self-righteousness of whoever anonymously “complained” in the first place, they should be allowed documentation from a mental healthcare individual, the cat should be permitted to stay and the heartlessness of this attempted removal campaign should cease immediately.

  7. Edna needs to stay. She “adopted” the fire house 4 years ago and her humans love her. Please do not cause trauma to her or her caregivers. The powers that be should not be swayed by “one” complaint by a person who hasn’t the “intestinal fortitude” to identify themselves. She has supported her humans and they have supported her. Keep er at the firehouse!!

  8. This is ridiculous. Shes going to get the boot from one measly complaint? It wouldn’t happen if she were a dog. Stand up to stupidity Chief and retain the cat. Obviously she does a lot for morale and is an essential part of the firehouse. 4 years of service and to be ousted by one whiner? That’s absurd.

  9. Keep this cute cat! Nothing like a cat to calm anyone down that is stressed out. Think what a moral buster if you take their buddy away. How cruel to the cat and the crew.

  10. It’s a real pity that anyone human would complain about this cat staying in this firehouse.
    Seriously people put your efforts on improving yourself.
    Leave this cat where it lives. This animal is providing support to the men and women that protecting your community.
    Please drop this nonsense. Go on about your lives and leave this cat and it’s human family along .

  11. What’s wrong with people? Fire fighters do a tremendous service for us at the sacrifice of many personal pleasures and comforts. If a little animal helps them in any way they deserve it! This cat isn’t going to keep them from risking their lives for you or someone else from a fire. Have a little compassion and mind your own business

  12. Let Edna stay! The benefits of her being there far outweigh her leaving. Think about how you would feel if someone asked you to get rid of your beloved pet.

  13. I hope that Enda can stay. Support animals need to be recognized and I will spread the word about Edna. Best wishes from Los Alamos NM.

  14. please let the cat edna stay at the firemen, pls. if u really have that kind heart.. more more people begging let the cat stay have mercy on me n them pls. godbless u for ur kindness humans..

  15. Edna needs to stay at the firehouse! I cannot imagine why anyone would object to the firehouse having a companion/mascot/therapy animal.

  16. I can only hope that the person who made the complaint is profoundly sorry for all the hurt and upset caused. Also that it’s not one of those persons that for reasons unknown are just plain mean and evil.
    If it’s just one complaint (apparently baseless) why on earth is that person more important in management’s eyes than the firefighters themselves? Very weird…

  17. Let Edna stay!!!! Much like those firefighters would react if they were kept away from helping save lives, she too would feel extreme distress at not being able to get to the firefighters to help them heal up & face the next ordeal. She’s not stupid, she knows they need her there & will suffer undo stress if she is not able to be with them all. One could also add that it’s beneficial to the firefighters overall health to let her stay & animal cruelty to remove her.

  18. If she can’t stay (which would be so sad because she is a great access to the fire station) is there someone who could provide her with a loving home?

  19. Let Edna stay! What a little love she looks like. Those firefighters need her and she needs them. One cranky, uninformed person shouldn’t ruin such a good thing.

  20. There is nothing negative happening, and a great deal of positive for the station and those who live/work there, so why in the world would anyone have a problem with Edna staying where she has been for years? One anonymous person should not have the power to cause such a disruption. Leave Edna and her family of firefighters who love her alone!

  21. Edna is clearly a very positive in the lives of the firefighters and this enhances her life. She will be keeping mice and rats at bay and improving the mental health of your firefighters. Stop being a dick and let her stay.

  22. It is so obvious kittie must stay at the fire station
    My uncle was a firefighter , so I have a bit of knowledge of how important these animals are.
    Thank you

  23. .Clearly this cat is well-loved, well cared for and in return offers a benefit for these firefighters that most of us can only dream of.
    I believe the one anonymous complaint should be ignored as the person that complained is obviously jealous or just simply a complete idiot.
    And honestly who decides to get rid of a cat because of one little complaint?
    Well, I’m complaining about the complainer.
    I want the complainer gone.
    That should even things out.
    Everyone who thinks the complainer should be removed INSTEAD of the cat – vote here!!
    Edna should stay!!!

  24. Please let her stay!
    If a crew member adopts her they should get her micro-chipped in case she tries to find her way back to the station. She is a comfort and inspiration and should not lose her home or get lost again. Thanks for loving her!

  25. One anonymous complaint and this team of firefighters/paramedics have to plead to keep the cat who adopted them-who chose this group of public servants, knowing they needed her. The team cares for her, pays for her care from their own pockets, they ask no one for money for her care. The love she gives them is priceless. #ednastays #catsequallove

  26. Please leave this fur baby with her family because it has been found the best stress relief is the purr or the rub of a cat I know my cat has gotten me through lots of stressful days and nights.

  27. Let Edna Stay!!! I’m sure she is a source of comfort to these firefighters that put their lives on the line each time they go out. Emotional support animals are beneficial and needed for those that do these stressful jobs. Let her stay!!

  28. As an owner of a beautiful tortoise shell cat and a former Police Officer our Bella is a constant support to both me and my partner! We are currently on holiday in NZ and my niece is cat and house sitting but we still miss her do much, so I feel for the fireys so much!

  29. I am at a loss of ignorance or intolerance to remove a cat because of one pissy unhappy not serving of the community that has distaste for cats or perhaps anyone sharing joy or spreading love in a community!!! This is is ignorant we are having to sign a petition because of someone’s own selc leaving / their own hate and need to bring others sadness so others are hurting Ans in pain because. They hate themselves and hate everyone who might smile .

  30. Who was the idiot who complained and why would ONE complaint cause this eviction? It is very unfair both to the cat and the firemen. I hope the problem gets solved and if there a fire with the complainer don’t rescue him/her.

  31. This kitty has been there for 4 years and now some idiot complains and they want to get rid of her?? She and the firefighters deserve to stay together for everyone’s sake…I seriously wonder what type of person is so nasty to want to do something like this to feline and friends!!

  32. This is crazy. One person complains and they want to kick her out. Let her stay she obviously gives peace and contentment to the fire fighters when they have had a bad day. She therefore is a support animal and should be allowed to stay.

  33. PLEASE! PLEASE! Let Edna stay! The help she gives to the fire fighters is obvious & MUCH needed. I’ve had cats since I was a kid. They are your best friend & like little Angels. Great companions & always a comfort. These firefighters love her & she loves them

  34. I have 2 care cats that are VA accepted,and I imagine are no less used then Edna is by your largw Staff there. I encourage you to call me at 847 395 5280 and I will give you a full story about my crew,and how there is a good chance Edna could turn out with a little work,and a little loving.Cats have an amazing ability to be where they need to be when they need to be-and I would warn you to be especially careful if she ever tries to block a rig or a group of personnel from leaving . You probably won’t believe me, but trust her,cats seem to see into areas we don’t-I have learned that the hard way.You can see my crew on Facebook at Friends’m Hobby Shop Tabby is no longer with us but Jerry has been trained for me but has spotted two customer Heart attacks as they were starting,and Kala Has caught one seizure and warned us of someone choking.

  35. So important that the firefighters have a companion to tell their troubles to, who is never going to moan about “heard it all before” , or counter with their own, “my experience was worse than yours”…. vital for mental health as anybody who has a pet can tell you.
    Also cruel to evict this trusting, loving animal who has made these people, her people.

  36. Who the fuck would complain about a CAT? Seriously? Get a life, loser. The kitty is loved and provides comfort to the firefighters.

  37. Why does just one person ( who isn’t even decent enough to put their name to the one complaint ) have this sort of influence ? 😤 The sweet cat has been there four years and is well looked after , leave well alone ! I hope the people who are looking to remove this will use some common sense and ignore the (do – gooder )

  38. The sweet cat is happy& he helps the fire fighters. Why would you make him leave. That is the only home he’s had. Everyone is happy. Such a precious gift. God doesn’t make mistakes, he walked into that firehouse for a reason.

  39. What is wrong with people . She is a little cat who gives her love to the fire persons and they love her back she is not doing anything wrong but living life with a bunch of love from a bunch of people . These people are beautiful and awesome people who work hard in saving lives and putting out fires with big hearts . She helps them as much as they helped her .Leave them all alone. There is much more in this world than picking on a little kitty and her fire humans . God Bless you All

  40. Please, Edna is taking care of the emotional and necessary love that those firefighters need after facing horrible moments, Edna gives them the love that they need when coming back from that horrendous moment, she is doing her job, let her stay at her job, DON’T EVICT HER, SHE IS HARD AT HER JOB LIKE ALL OF US NEED HER!!!!!

  41. Please let Edna stay! Stroking her soft fur is enough to erase stress from these hard-working firefighters and EMS! She loves them and they love her. She helps them relax. What’s the harm???

  42. Good Lord leave the cat alone….she’s not hurting anyone and it’s a blessing to have her there…and she may just save some lives….Knock it off!!!!!

  43. Please allow Edna to Stay! As the firehouse is the only home she has ever known….after fighting fires, responding to accidents, many calls of tragedy, and death….she brings comfort to our firemen , mentally and physically!
    Please , this union I’d good for all! Let her stay.

    The bitter hearted complainer needed animals in their life much eat lier in life….they might not be such bitter, angry people now!

  44. The cat is helping first responders cope with the horrible events that they have to deal with. She is caring for them when they are in need. As the first responders are showing the care and love that this helpful cat deserves. Why take it all away when this loving girl has not been harmful to anyone?

  45. I just read on MSN that Edna was evicted from her firehouse. So sad! I hope someone adopts her. She’s homeless because of the cold-hearted fire administration.

    Shame on them!

  46. Edna should stay fire fighter adopted family. She gives them love and support at the times they need it. Fire houses have dogs, what’s wrong with cats? They love and have feelings too.
    She needs to stay with her adopted family.

  47. Let Edna stay,,,if it wasnt for my animals I would not be able to handle my day to day anxiety and depression..Shes not hurting anyone being there..Edna helps them especially after a long stressful day at work.
    Its proven that animals calm us down and help us breathe alittle better ..They just makes us feel better
    Let Edna stay

  48. As a former Peer Support Specialist on a Critical Incident Debriefing team I am horrified to hear that this loving animal might be removed from a place where she is so very needed. All EMS providers suffer from silent stress that they can’t share out loud with family, friends, and most especially, co-workers. So much of their identity and armor comes from being strong. Any overt admission that that strength might be over-taxed is taboo. Having Edna to hold and talk to, whether out loud or silently, GREATLY mitigates some of the load these brave men and women carry. I can’t believe that the city of San Francisco is going to be this rigid and just plain stupid. Please reconsider; it’s a, literally, very small kindness that will pay it forward over and over and over again.

  49. Why should 1 person ruin many lives including a much loved and much needed Feline?
    Shame on that one ignorant person who is probably a misery guts and wants everyone else to be miserable too!
    Edna looks beautiful and loving – LET HER STAY, Misery Guts, who every you are! x

  50. Edna chose this firehouse four years ago and is obviously thriving there. The firefighters love her. After four years, someone is going to let ONE complaint disrupt this beautiful cat’s life and bring sorrow to the firefighters? Good grief. Whatever happened to common sense and mind-your-own-business?

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