Feline Family of 7 Tossed Into Garbage; Saved From The Trash Compactor Before Tragedy Occurs

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Writing about animals, and specifically animal rescues, can sometimes feel like déjà vu–while on a roller-coaster of emotions. I literally just hit “publish” on an article about 11 poor cats who were taped in boxes with no airways and left to die. Then I open the news and see a family of cats saved in Iowa after being thrown in a trash bin.

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The two cases have too many sad similarities, regardless that they are 4,300 miles apart.

Our goal is to show cats are being saved every day by amazing individuals that deserve to have their stories shared. Yes, ideally there are NO cats requiring saving, but I don’t like to focus on just the problem. I want to highlight that there are places these animals will be welcomed INSTEAD of being dumped. For the people who are making these heart wrenching decisions, there are those that can help! 

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Happily, like my other article, those helpful people found the cats before tragedy struck.  

Council Bluff sits just on the border of Iowa and Nebraska, East of Omaha. Winters blustery weather brought with it temperatures just reaching into the 20’s throughout the area. Snow mounds piled up and fluffy clothing protected those who must brave the season outdoors. That sounds much better than an old air-fryer cardboard box lined with a greasy blanket, right?

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That’s all a mama cat and her 6 kittens had to keep warm while trapped within a trash dumpster. 

Wednesday, January 23rd, the Midlands Humane Society received a distress call. A resident at the local Chapel Ridge Apartments had found the box at the bottom of the complex’s garbage bin! They were shocked when they heard the meows coming from inside.

Photo: Chapel Ridge Apartments in Council Bluff, Iowa

Animal Control Officer DeAnn Nelson knew the dangers the fur family faced and rushed to the site. When she saw their location, her heart broke. 

They were closed in the box then thrown into the metal prison. The box had chew marks all over it so she expects they’d been trapped for quite a while. Disappointingly, there were no clues or information on the box to locate the abuser.

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The cats were also all very clean, quiet and in good health. Nelson figures they were inside cats who were thoughtlessly discarded. 

After an exam, they found the mother cat had no micro-chip to identify her former “caretaker”. She is between 1 and 2 years old. Her 4-5 week old kittens consist of 3 girls and 3 boys.

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In an interview with www.ketv.com, she explained how this situation could have gone from bad to worse. 

“When those trucks come in, it’s a compactor truck. So, they take the dumpster and dump them and everything gets compacted into the garbage truck. So, the end would not be good had someone not found them,” Nelson said.

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Besides sharing the wonderful rescue “tail”, the shelter has another reason to want to spread the story. With no leads, Nelson pleaded with the residents.

“We just hope that somebody in the public comes forward and says, ‘I know this person,” and maybe we can get this person help,” Nelson said.

“We want this out there so that people understand that you don’t have to do this. There are places to take them, you don’t have to dump them. We will take care of them,” she said.

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The laws regarding animal cruelty in Iowa are clearly not deterring this from happening unfortunately. If found guilty, abusers would be looking at a misdemeanor and maximum fine of around $700. Not quite a punishment that fits the crime, if you ask me. It’s MUCH easier to leave them anonymously or honestly where they aren’t going to suffer and die! 

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Thankfully, this litter escaped that fate. They’ll be up for adoption in a few weeks when they are big enough to be fixed. 

“One’s persons trash is another person’s treasure.”


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