Latest Update: 11 Abandoned Cats Found Taped In Boxes Are Now Loving Life Off The Streets

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You’ve likely seen the amazing rescue video we shared a couple weeks ago on our Facebook page. If not, the faces of the cats have been all over the news after the clip went viral. (See video below) In the heartbreaking video, founder Celia Hammond and staff at her animal rescue can be seen frantically opening 4 boxes. What emerged from within was something more than any of them suspected.

Video screenshots: @celiahammondanimaltrust

Inside the boxes were one black and white tuxedo cat and ten ginger cats–all abandoned to a horrific fate! 

The 4 boxes were left in an alleyway, near a busy highway in East London. The loud traffic normally adds a constant white noise. Unbelievably, a passerby stopped when she thought she heard faint meowing. Thankfully she investigated and discovered the sealed boxes.

Photo: @celiahammondanimaltrust

They were all taped with layers upon layers of plastic packing tape–with NO air holes! The cardboard boxes were only hours away from being coffins for the suffering cats.  

She immediately contacted the authorities and the Celia Hammond Animal Trust was called to the scene. They needed to act quickly to save the felines crying out from the dark dungeonous prisons. But they had no idea what type of cats awaited inside the makeshift tombs. Not wanting any further issues by opening the boxes on the street, they made air holes in each and rushed to their shelter. 

Video screenshot: @celiahammondanimaltrust ~ Shelter location

When they arrived, they hurried inside to open the boxes in a safe environment. 

The tape was so securely layered on each box, they couldn’t open them without tools. Knowing the cats safety was the first priority, they couldn’t use scissors or a sharp object and risk cutting one of the animals. They were left with only a butter knife to assist yanking open the deathtraps. 

Video screenshots: @celiahammondanimaltrust

Out of the first box, emerged 3 ginger furry heads with terrified expressions. 

The second, another 3 adorable and scared ginger cats.

In the 3rd box were another pair of ginger cats. 

Photo: @celiahammondanimaltrust

The fourth box held 2 more ginger babies and the lone black and white tuxedo of the group. 

Soothing words echoed off the walls as volunteers began calming the traumatized cats down as much as possible. All eleven were covered in fleas and underweight. Thankfully, they were out of immediate danger though.

Photo: @celiahammondanimaltrust

Now the cats could get medical attention and the proper care they deserved at the shelter. 

In the mix of males and females, none of them were microchipped or fixed. Usually this means that they were strays or ferals but the entire group of cats is so sweet and not afraid of humans. So in this case, it’s devastating to imagine that they were house cats and simply dumped, not wanted anymore.

Photo: @celiahammondanimaltrust

Veterinarians said they would have only lasted a few more hours in that condition. It’s maddening to imagine someone did this on purpose. Even more so, wrangling 11 cats into boxes can’t be a simple thing. That means they put effort into their despicable deed. Worse, it could have been someone the cats trusted.

Photo: @celiahammondanimaltrust

The ginger cats absolutely resemble each other and are more than likely related. The sweet little tuxedo cat? Who says humans are the only ones that can adopt family members?! This adorable furry family sure looks like they did <3

Photo: @celiahammondanimaltrust

Some of the cats need to gain a bit of weight before they’re able to be spayed or neutered. The others showing no medical delays have already been fixed. All the cats have been micro-chipped, vaccinated and de-wormed. 

The entire clowder are clearly very attached to each other. When the time comes for them to be adopted, the trust has one major “deal-breaker”.

Photo: @celiahammondanimaltrust

The cats will be adopted out in no less than a pair. Take 3 home, adopt 4 or more, but none of them will be adopted out solo. By staying together, they’ve survived through an unimaginable ordeal. Together is how they need to stay. 

Photo: @celiahammondanimaltrust

When we posted that original video, we were overwhelmed at the generosity of people wanting to help the organization.

Not only has the Celia Hammond Animal Trust received more than 16,000 pounds of cat food, numerous fundraisers have been set up. On our Cole and Marmalade Facebook page, our AMEOWZING followers donated a whopping $8,472.00 for the shelter!!! THANK YOU ALL! 

Video screenshot: @celiahammondanimaltrust

Now to prevent this from happening again, the organization want to get to the bottom of who would do this. They are worried there may be more cats involved.

“If anyone in the Stratford area has any ideas about where these cats might have come from, please call us in confidence. We are concerned this situation may not have been resolved and there may be other cats in the owner’s property. We don’t think either of the two adult females are old enough to be the mothers of the nine adolescent cats.

Video screenshot: @celiahammondanimaltrust

If the person who left the cats reads this, please email us on or call 020 7474 8811. We can collect any other cats you may have and don’t want. There were no clues on the boxes to indicate an address.”

For all the updates on these lucky cats and when they’re adoptions begin, please be sure to follow the trust on social media!


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Video screenshot: @celiahammondanimaltrust

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  1. Thank you for the WONDERFUL rescue and to all who helped save these beautiful little souls! Keep up the great work! My 2 rescues are now 13 and 24!
    Adopt don’t shop!

  2. I was horrified that someone would do something like this, but so thankful that you saved them all. And happy to know they won’t be going to their new homes alone.

  3. Hero’s is what I would call the person or persons who discovered these babies.
    Thank you so much , bless you all for helping these abandoned kitties.
    I have 2 rescues at home and can’t imagine the meanness this act of violence. The people that did this should receive this same treatment.
    Thank you again for this rescue.

  4. Why would someone do this when they could have dropped them off at a humane center or asked for help. This was a cruel act and I hope they are found.

  5. Aweee 🙁 Pure beautiful angels…how could someone do this to them ??? only monsters….
    Thank you good people who saved them and given them all a medical treatment, hope each and every one will find a good true loving home, i wish i could adopt them all…..i adopted a stray cat, now shes the angel in my life….i live outside the USA , but if i would ive in the USA and could make it, i would adopt them all , God bless you , and prayers for all of them

  6. Thank you to the soul who heard and did not ignore the meows for help. There is someone who knows and hopefully will come forward with information. There is no acceptable way to say this, but justice must be served. Abuse must stop. Animal care rights is imperative and change must occur.

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