(New Update!) Dieting Fat Cat Losing Weight Successfully But Can’t Find Her Forever Home; Returned To Shelter for 4th Time!

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There’s a lot to love about Mitzi. The 8-year-old girl originally gained notoriety in early 2017 as one of Britain’s favorite fat cats, weighing in at 7.7 kgs, or just under 17 pounds. She was found as a stray and brought into the Woodside Animal Welfare Trust in Plymouth, Devon.

Photo: @WoodsideAnimalSanctuary

Obviously she was being overfed. As a stray, their best guess was that she was enjoying food from numerous students at nearby college. She was also micro-chipped but the information was out-of-date and no owner could be tracked down. It’s very possible that she belonged to a student who graduated, moved on with life and simply left Mitzi behind. 

Now in the care of the shelter, they knew the first thing Mitzi needed was to start a strict weight loss regimen. 

Photo: @WoodsideAnimalSanctuary

Staff tried their best to get her to exercise by leaving her cage door open in the evenings. This way Mitzi could leave at her leisure, ideally getting some exercise. But instead, she was happy to stay put, restfully sleeping the nights away.

When she was adopted the first time, her new owner was dedicated to helping her weight loss. Sadly, after a short while, it became too much to manage and Mitzi was returned to the shelter. The positive here, is that at least she was brought back to find a more suitable match.

Photo: @WoodsideAnimalSanctuary

What no one would imagine, is that the sweet, plump girl would go through 3 different homes in the next year! 

At the third home, things looked up for the girl. Her owner was a sweet woman who was happy to provide Mitzi with everything she deserved. Tragedy struck when the woman passed away in August of 2018, leaving Mitzi again homeless. When the shelter posted that the poor girl was back, they were at least given a glimpse at her true potential.

“As the niece of the previous owner, I know she isn’t good with other animals or small children. She will show affection on her own terms and it will take a while for her to settle down. She did end up being a lap cat for my Aunt and Mitzi stayed by her side until the end.”

Photo: @WoodsideAnimalSanctuary

That potential earned her a spot at her next home, full of hope. 

Then the owner became pregnant. They are not sure if this change caused the issues, but Mitzi had apparently become “aggressive”.

She was returned to the shelter for the 4th time. Sadly, it is certainly having an effect on her psyche. 

Photo Credit: Erin BlackSWNS.COM

Through it all though, Mitzi has managed to lose weight. She is down to about 12 pounds which is an amazing feat. With the constant changes though, she is becoming increasingly grumpy–as would be expected.

Each time she finds a home, opens her heart and begins to slowly settle in, her life is turned upside-down. It’s amazing that she’s been able to maintain a healthy diet with the stresses of being in and out of the shelter. Not to mention strange environments with an influx of different people in her life. 

Photo: @WoodsideAnimalSanctuary

Mitzi needs to find a furever family who will help her keep a healthy weight, allow her to fully be comfortable and love her forever.

She has weekly weigh in’s that are so routine now, Mitzi just climbs up on the scale and casually sits during the process. She DOES need a bit of meowtivation to exercise though. It’s not something she would do on her own if given the choice–we totally understand Mitzi! 

Photo: @WoodsideAnimalSanctuary

The shelter is requesting the home be free of children. It is possible that a home with another older feline may work, but no other animals would likely be preferred. Mitzi needs a quiet environment where she is not competing for attention and is allowed to settle at her own pace. Someone who is patient and willing to allow the deserving cat to blossom slowly is a necessity. 

‘We’re disappointed she hasn’t quite managed to find that match yet but she is so well loved by staff here,’ said Woodside assistant manager Lisa Darcy to metro.co.uk in a recent article.

Photo: @WoodsideAnimalSanctuary

‘We’re looking for a particular type of home and an owner who can’t be fooled by her cuteness or her eyes for Dreamies. ‘We completely understand that circumstances change and we are grateful for [Mitzi’s past owners] for trying.”

If you are in the area and ready to accept a whole ‘lotta love from one cat ready to give it, please visit the Woodside Animal Welfare Trust website here.

Photo: @WoodsideAnimalSanctuary

UPDATE 2/25/2019

While Mitzi waited patiently in the shelter for someone to love, plans were underway to give her a loving home. This family had “one-up” on the others that were vying for her affection though. They already know her personally! 

Photo: @WoodsideAnimalSanctuary


Remember Mitzi’s third home where her beloved owner sadly passed away? Well, the woman’s family were heartbroken when she had to be returned to the shelter. Unfortunately, as much as they wanted to provide her with the home life she deserved, they weren’t in a place to do so. 

The issue that stopped them? They are living in rented housing, so cannot have a cat. 

Screenshot: video @www.plymouthherald.co.uk

Mitzi’s story went viral and hearts around the world broke seeing the loving cat returned for the 4th time. 

Helen Lecointe told www.bbc.com that there WERE numerous offers and interested parties from all over. 

“We had offers from the US, Sweden and the Middle East, but we’re so pleased that we’ve found an owner who already knows her and loves her,” Ms Lecointe said.

Screenshot: video @www.plymouthherald.co.uk


Knowing that the family that already loved Mitzi so much would be perfect for her, the shelter has decided to help them out. Mitzi will remain at Woodside Animal Welfare Trust until April, when the family is expected to move. 

Once they’re settled in their new home, Mitzi will happily join them. They are familiar with her unique requirements and happy to help her meet her goals. It’s just as their relative previously did for the special girl. It seems just possible that Mitzi has a guardian angel looking out for her <3

Screenshot: video @www.plymouthherald.co.uk


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