Poor Cat Gets Head Stuck In Commercial Rat Trap!

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Early in the morning on Wednesday, January 9th, the RSPCA Cymru received a very strange call to action. At a nearby Premier Inn hotel, someone had spotted a poor cat with it’s head stuck in a rat trap!

Photo: @RSPCA

No one knew how long the cat had been stuck in the trap, but curiosity had sure gotten the best of this kitty! 

RSPCA Inspector Sophie Daniels arrived at the scene shortly after. Sure enough, there was a black cat wedged into the commercial rat trap all the way up to it’s shoulders! Unsure of what they’d find when they opened the trap, Inspector Daniels rushed the entire contraption and the cat to the veterinarian. 

If the trap had been baited with poison, there could be a chance that the cat had been able to reach that within the trap. Medical staff would be able to treat the cat right away if this had happened. Usually it is placed towards the back however, and fortunately in this case the cat had avoided any dangerous chemicals.

Photo: @RSPCA

The black beauty was found to be a male, neutered cat but sadly has no microchip. 

He was dehydrated from the ordeal but thankfully they didn’t find any other physical issues. After everything he’d gone through, he was quite scared. 

Inspector Daniels told the local news outlets, “We’d love to reunite this cat with an owner but there was no microchip.

“Anyone in the area owning a missing black, male neutered cat is urged to contact our inspectorate appeal line on 0300 123 8018, so we can hopefully get this curious cat home.”

Photo: @RSPCA

Some comments on the RSPCA’s Facebook page speculate that perhaps he is part of a outdoor colony.

It seems unlikely though, since he is fixed, but not ear-tipped or tattooed as done in many TNR practices. In many European countries, more rural areas mean it’s common practice for cats to live an indoor/outdoor lifestyle. 

Sadly, this is just one of the dangers posed in this lifestyle. Please be sure that your cats, indoor, outdoor or both, are microchipped with updated info! 

If you have any information or recognize this handsome chap, please reach out to the RSPCA Cyrmu at: http://www.rspca.cymru.

Photo: www.premierinn.com


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